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Sewer main painting

Portions of the following streets will be closed 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. July 9 to July 20 for point repairs of main sewer lines. PM Construction & Rehab., 281-850-0547. Engineering/ Capital Improvements. 512-393-8130.

  • Lindsey Street: 400 block, southbound lane
  • Pat Garrison Street: 200 block, southbound lane
  • North Comanche Street: 00 block, southbound lane
  • West Hopkins Street: 300 block, westbound lane
  • West Hopkins Street: 800 – 1000 blocks, southbound lane
  • Edward Gary Street: 100 block, southbound lane
  • Comal Street: 300 block, eastbound lane will be closed
  • Gravel Street: 700 block, southbound lane
  • Lewis Street: 900 block, southbound lane
  • West MLK Drive: 600 block, southbound lane
  • West MLK Drive: 900 – 1100 blocks, southbound lane
  • South Mitchell Avenue: 200 block, southbound lane
  • Mead Street: 1000 block, southbound lane
  • Faris Street: 1000 block, southbound lane
  • Johnson Avenue: 300 – 400 blocks, northbound lane

A rundown of projects and events expected to affect traffic this week in San Marcos:

  • Hopkins Street at Thorpe Lane: Intermittent east bound lane closures on Hopkins from Charles Austin to Long Street and on Thorpe Lane from Hopkins to Springtown Way for waterline construction began July 2. Major project also includes drainage, sidewalk and street improvements. Engineering/ Capital Improvements,512-393-8130.
  • Thorpe Lane: From Springtown Way to Aquarena Springs Drive. Intermittent lane closures from July 9 to July 27 for milling and overlay. Public Services – Transportation, 512-393-8036.
  • Aquarena Springs Drive at Thorpe Lane: 1500 block, eastbound outside right lane will be closed 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 9 to July 27 for milling and overlay in association with the Thorpe Lane project. Public Services – Transportation, 512-393-8036.
  • North LBJ Drive: Southbound lane from Holland to Forest Drive will be closed for water main installation beginning July 16. Southbound traffic will detour to Chestnut Street (which remains two-way). Engineer/Capital Improvements. 512-393-8130
  • MLK Drive: From Fredericksburg to LBJ Drive, the center lane will be closed from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. June 18 to Aug. 17 for sanitary sewer pipe bursting. The outside lanes in both directions will be open for regular traffic. Insitu Form Technologies, LLC., 713-845-3016.
  • Wonder World Drive: 1100 – 1200 blocks, eastbound outside lane will be closed between Leah and Medical Parkway from July 16 to July 20 for utility work. Tri-Star Utilities. 512-755-6260.
  • ED J.L. Green: Between Laurel Ridge and Rogers Ridge. Both lanes will be closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles from 7 a.m. Monday, July 23, to 5 p.m. Friday, July 27, for removal of the Sky-ride Tower. Green Guy Recycling, 512-353-3266.


  • West Hopkins Street: From North Comanche Street to North Guadalupe Street. Intermittent lane closures 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 9 to Aug 24 for water and storm drain installation. Aaron Concrete Contractors, 512-92607326.
  • Fredericksburg Street: From West San Antonio Street to West Hopkins Street. A lanes of traffic will be closed from July 9 to October 17 for water and storm drain installation. Aaron Concrete Contractors, 512-926-7326.
  • North LBJ Drive: At Concho Street. All lanes of traffic will be closed May 21 to August 20, 2012 (7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for building and street construction at Bobcat Trail Street. Texas State University, 512-245-1737.
  • Woods Street: All lanes of traffic from North LBJ Drive to Guadalupe Street will be closed May 21 to August 20, 2012 for utility construction. Texas State University, 512-245-1737.
  • East McCarty Lane: Landscape and maintenance crews will be operating along the project limits. Anticipate occasional lane closures, slow moving vehicles in lanes, construction equipment in roadside and interrupted use of sidewalks during watering and/or landscaping operations until mid May. Capital Improvements, 512-393-8130.
  • Riverside Drive: The city has begun a 90-day trial period for 25 MPH signs between Hopkins Street and the Interstate 35 southbound frontage road. Please submit your comments to the Public Services Transportation Division at 512-393-8036.
  • University Drive: Between CM Allen Parkway and LBJ Drive. One westbound lane will be closed until Aug. 15 for construction and safety. North sidewalk closure between Moon Street and LBJ until Nov. 1. Hunt Construction Group, Inc., 512-245-2068.
  • Fredericksburg Street: 400 block, all lanes of traffic for half the block will be closed from March 8 to Sept. 1 for construction of apartment complex. Skyline Commercial, Inc., 512-343-4555.
  • North Edward Gary Street: 400–500 block, from University Drive to Woods Street. Will be closed for construction of the new Performing Arts Center Complex. Scheduled completion date is November 2013. Texas State University, 512-245-1547.
  • Moon Street: West sidewalk closure from University Drive to Concho Green until September 2013. Texas State University, 512-245-2244.
  • Moore Street: 600 block. All lanes of traffic will be closed from June 18 to Aug. 11 for construction of dormitory and utilities. Texas State University, 512-245-2202.
  • East San Antonio Street: Half a block closed from alley to N. LBJ every Saturday from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. for the Farmers Market on the Square. Main Street Program, 512-393-8430.
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