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City of San Marcos engineers are proposing reducing Thorpe Lane from four to two car lanes with the addition of a center turn lane and bike lanes running both directions from Springtown Way to Warden Lane.

The city’s transportation division also wants to extend bike lanes on Mill Street from Uhland Road to Aquarena Springs Drive, which would eliminate parallel parking on the side of the street where it is currently allowed. Both Thorpe and Mill are scheduled to be overlaid with new asphalt this year as part a normal maintenance rotation.

Public hearings on the proposed changes have been scheduled this month.

Under the Complete Streets initiative, roadways scheduled for reconstruction or repair are evaluated to see if restriping, reconfiguration or minor sidewalk upkeep would improve the corridor’s capacity to handle multiple kinds of traffic. In recent years, the city has swapped car lanes for bike lanes on major thoroughfares like Cheatham Street, C.M. Allen Parkway and River Road.

“If we can improve a roadway’s capacity and accessibility through low-cost measures like restriping, roadway users will see immediate mobility benefits and provide a low-cost interim fix until more extensive reconstruction projects can be developed,” said Sabas Avila, the city’s Public Services assistant director.

Thorpe Lane is currently a four-lane, undivided, commercial roadway with sidewalks on both sides. The Transportation Division is proposing reducing the lanes from four lanes to three lanes and adding bike lanes from Springtown Way to Warden Lane.

The Thorpe Lane meeting is scheduled 6 p.m. Thursday July 19 at Allen Woods Homes, 1201 Thorpe Lane.

Mill Street is currently a two-lane residential collector street with parking on each side. The Transportation Division is proposing extending the existing Mill Street bike lane from Uhland Road to Aquarena Springs Drive, which would eliminate parking.

The Mill Street meeting is scheduled 6 p.m. Thursday, July 23 at Mill Street Park, located at the corner of Mill Street and 3rd Street.

For more information, call the Transportation Division at 512-393-8036.

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2 thoughts on “City wants to add bike lanes on Thorpe, Mill

  1. How about remodeling Aquarena Springs Dr after Barton Spring Rd in Austin and adding sidewalks, a divider, designated left and right turns at intervals, and bike lanes? Something needs to be done to make Aquarena safer for everyone and more pedestrian and bike friendly. I’m curious how many new wrecks in the the turn lanes at Aquarena and Thorpe the new Shipley’s will contribute when it opens?

    If the above mentioned devices can work on a road as busy as Barton Springs, it can work on Aquarena.

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