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A new traffic signal at Wonder World Drive and Craddock Avenue will be put on flash on Friday, June 29 in preparation for activation in July. The city of San Marcos and Texas Department of Transportation plan to activate the signal on July 11.

In the meantime, the traffic signal will flash red at Craddock and yellow for traffic traveling on Wonder World. After activation, traffic on Wonder World will also stop with signal changes.

Craddock Avenue is a major intersection with Wonder World Drive, connecting neighborhoods and the Purgatory Creek Preserve to the divided parkway and state highway now designated as Ranch Road 12.

The three and a half mile parkway links traffic from Interstate 35 to western Hays County. Wonder World was built by the City of San Marcos and opened in July 2010.

The traffic signal was designed and constructed by the city of San Marcos for TxDOT using remaining funds from the Wonder World Drive Extension

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3 thoughts on “TxDOT to activate stop light at Wonder World, Craddock

  1. Well it’s about time, one year after the intersection was opened and untold amounts of wrecks. This will either improve traffic headed for 12 from Craddock, or make it much worse…guess I’ll wait and see. At least it’s MUCH safer 🙂

  2. Drove down Craddock to 12 today and they have added a lane. It looks like there will be two left turn lanes ~ VERY good news for traffic!

  3. Now we know. Melissa enjoys talking to herself. Although I have seen her talking loads of, uh well you know, on other forums.

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