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Texas State University’s 16 athletic teams have each exceeded the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s academic progress rate standards, the association announced on Wednesday.

Last week, the women’s tennis and softball teams were publicly recognized for ranging among the top 10 percent of teams in their sport as measured by academic achievement; five Texas State teams increased their scores from last year.
“It is a credit that every team is above the progress line,” athletic director Larry Teis said. “The misconception is that APR scores reflect academic performances, but it is a measurement of retention and graduation of student-athletes.  We are working hard to make sure that we retain our student-athletes and move them towards graduation.”
The women’s tennis team received recognition for the fourth straight year after posting a perfect score of 1000 each year. The softball team also earned public recognition after posting its first perfect score after improving three points over last year’s score.
In addition to the perfect scores by the softball and women’s tennis teams, the women’s golf team posted a score of 992 for the second consecutive year, while men’s golf, women’s cross country and soccer had scores of 981. The women’s indoor track team posted a rate of 964, while baseball, men’s cross country and women’s outdoor track teams each had a score of 963.
Football and both basketball teams posted their best APR scores since 2004-05, the first year that the rates were published. The women’s basketball team had a score of 977, while men’s basketball posted a rate of 960. The football team had a score of 938, while men’s indoor and outdoor track and field’s scores were 927. All teams must post a score of at least 925 or risk NCAA sanctions.
Five of Texas State’s athletic teams increased their scores from the previous year. The men’s basketball team had the biggest improvement after raising its rate by 16 points. The baseball team had an improvement of 13 points. Women’s basketball raised its score by five points, while soccer and softball improved their scores by three points each. The football team had an improvement of two points.
The APR requires each school to calculate its ranking each year from semester to semester based on the eligibility, retention and graduation of each scholarship athlete. Each student-athlete earns one retention point for staying in school and one eligibility point for being academically eligible. A team’s total points divided by points possible, multiplied by one thousand equals the team’s APR score.
The current APR score reflects a multi-year rate that averages scores for each sport from the 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years.
The Division I Board of Directors set cut scores of 925 and 900 (out of 1,000) as a threshold for teams to meet or face possible immediate and historical sanctions such as reductions in practice time, scholarships and possible postseason bans. Those threshold scores increase to 930 beginning in 2012-13. 
An APR of 900 currently predicts an approximately 40 percent Graduation Success Rate, while a 930 score projects to a 50 percent GSR.

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