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May 15th, 2012
Letter: Pacheco best choice for GOP chair


I have been a life-long Republican and I have worked very hard for the past 27 years for the Hays County Republican Party.

As someone who has served the Hays County Republican Party on the Executive Committee as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Chair and Chair, the leadership position up for election this month is very dear to me.

Having served in this position, I understand the commitment someone has to make to fulfill the responsibilities as Chairman for the county. Even though this is a volunteer position, it is a full-time job.

It is not just a once a month meeting or campaigning for candidates every two years. It is interacting on a daily basis with Precinct Chairs, the State Executive Committee representatives, the State Party officials, elected county officials, candidates and those wanting to be candidates.

Throw in organizing a primary election with everything from accepting applications and being responsible for the accuracy of the applications to finding election judges and clerks to filing paperwork with the Secretary of State and you suddenly have a very daunting task at hand.

So what should we look for in a County Chairman? I can tell you from experience what I will look for:

• I want someone who has a strong commitment to service.
• I want someone who has the support of his family.
• I want someone who has proven leadership abilities.
• I want someone who will have the strength to stand strong and speak with authority.
• I want someone with proven organization-building skills.

Both John Pacheco and his opponent share the same values – Republican values. So why am I endorsing John Pacheco? John Pacheco is a veteran leader. John was a platoon leader with the 3rd armored cavalry regiment in Iraq during Desert Storm. At Merrill Lynch, John was entrusted with helping people achieve their financial goals managing million dollar portfolios. Today he applies his leadership abilities in a consulting business that he shares with his wife Suzanne.

John’s experience with corporate America has taught him invaluable lessons that he will use to organize and lead the Party. John and his wife Suzanne have devoted their time and resources to the Hays County Republican Party. This is a joint effort between two partners to move the party forward and a rare opportunity for us to be able to share in and benefit from their commitment.

John Pacheco is focused on the duties of the position and is best suited to handle the everyday needs of the Hays County Republican Party. He has gained the respect of Republicans at all levels. John is endorsed by the Alliance for Life and community leaders across the county.

I whole-heartedly endorse John Pacheco and ask that you join me in voting for him as our next Hays County Republican Chairman.

Dripping Springs

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