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In a replay of their nasty 2010 campaign, Sheriff Gary Cutler and former Sheriff Tommy Ratliff are again fighting each other for the sheriff’s badge. At the San Marcos Area League of Women Voters debate this week, they discussed who was more fiscally conservative, whether security at the new Government Center is too heavy-handed and who is the better manager of the sheriff’s office. It was a far cry more mild than their exchange at the same debate two years ago when a Cutler supporter asked Ratliff about domestic abuse allegations. There is no Democrat running for sheriff this year so the winner of the Republican primary will win a four year term outright.

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One thought on “Election 2012 Video: Hays County Sheriff GOP debate (Gary Cutler vs. Tommy Ratliff)

  1. Tommy Ratliff goes on the attack and slings mud rather than face the issues of his past. A typical Democrat tactic. Ratliff your donkey tail is showing.

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