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Running for re-election, Will Conley faces challenger Sam Brannon in a heated debate over, above all else, which man is trustworthy. Their campaign has been particularly embittered and the rancor extended to their appearance at the San Marcos Area League of Women Voters debate this week. There is no Democrat candidate in the Hays County Precinct 3 commissioner race.

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50 thoughts on “Election 2012 Video: Hays County Pct. 3 Commissioner debate (Will Conley vs. Sam Brannon)

  1. I read the opinion item “Sam Brannon ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing'” posted Gary Smith. My question is, “can you trust Gary Smith to tell the truth?” Let’s take a good look at the real Gary Smith. Then YOU decide.

    Gary Smith was the Pastor of First Christian Church, 3105 Ranch Road 12. He was FIRED from his pastor position (translate that to mean thrown out of the church) after causing major dissention among the congregation. Don’t believe me? Ask the congregation. As a result, he left to form another church and took a number of church members with him.

    Preacher Smith was also a member of the San Marcos Sunrise Club. After he championed a failed and costly Bingo venture as a potential fund-raiser for the club, several members quit the club. Then something happened between Preacher Smith and Sam Brannon, also a Sunrise Club Member, and Smith left the club. So did several other members. Bottom line: Gary Smith destroys organizations from the inside by causing dissention among the members and then moves on. I for one am happy to see him gone.

    In his opinion item, Smith said “I don’t know how people can even consider voting for a guy who does not have a steady job in this county and never has; who pays no county property taxes and never has; who lives with his daddy; and doesn’t even have the courtesy to salute the US flag.” Now let’s set the record straight. Sam Brannon works virtually full time as a substitute teacher in the San Marcos CISD. Sam Brannon spent over 15 years working in the private sector for American Express, GE Capital, J.D. Edwards, Borne Consulting, and JCIT International where he was a Vice President. Sam Brannon does not own property in Hays County and pays no property tax. Mr. Brannon does live with his “daddy” who is a widower and a very senior citizen.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not believe there is a requirement to have a job or pay taxes in order to run for County Commissioner. And if I had an aging father, I might consider living with him. I’d call that a strong indicator of family values.

    And when Will Conley denigrated the teaching profession at Monday’s League of Women Voters Debate, he was roundly booed. It would appear that Preacher Smith doesn’t think that teaching has much value either.

    As for the flag, I know of no REQUIREMENT to salute it. This is America, after all, and not Nazi Germany. But just so we’re straight on this, Mr. Brannon has led groups (and his classes) in the Pledge of Allegiance and is a staunch defender of the Constitution of the United States. That’s good enough for me.

    Preacher Smith’s commentary is pure political tripe and he knows it. He may have served our country as a military officer, but I have no respect for his ethics, judgement, or behavior. I will defend Preacher Smith’s right to have his own opinion, but I’ll exercise my right to disagree.

  2. Charles

    I don’t take what Conley said as an insult to teachers. In fact just the opposite. I think it is an insult to teachers that this guy is going door to door everyday, all day calling himself an educator. Does he teach at night? Do you care to provide proof that he is teaching all the time. According to my friends at the I.S.D he has workred very few hours and it is insulting to them that this guy is calling himself an educator. Brannon is a con, and either you havent figured it out or you are part of his plan. In fact rumor on the street is that you wold love to be employed by the county. Any truth there?

  3. Dear Charles,

    Thank you for your letter. It was very interesting to read.

    My wife is a teacher and has taught for 35 years all over the world while following me around as I served my country, just like you have, honorably. SB is an insult to the teaching world. You know that. He is embassinging the teaching world and our SMCISD by claiming to be an educator and by falsely claiming to be a “consultant” to the ISD. You know as a colonel in the army that no good institution can tolerate frauds and folks who tarnish the institution by laying claims to titles and jobs that are fabricated far beyond professional embellishment. You know that as an army colonel.

    Yes, I resigned from FCC on March 7, 2005. 8 members of the Church Board wanted to fire the ENTIRE STAFF, including me. The Board had motioned in February a request that all staff resign.

    I had been there only 18 months. I did not blame them for wanting to fire the entire staff as they all were very frustrated and deeply grieving over the loss of many things, including their 20-year-tenured pastor. They were frustrated over finances, staffing, mortgage woes…all issues that had been Board issues long before I arrived (that is why the job was open in 2003 following a tumultuous and sudden resignation of my predecessor who had been there over 20 years and grew tired, as he told me, of the constant problems with FCC finances, staffing issues, lack of new members, and unpaid morgage woes.

    My associate minister and the rest of the staff refused to resign. So I did the honorable thing and resigned much to the delight of the 8 Board members who wanted to “clean house”. I was the only staff member to resign…the associate stayed another full year drawing full salary while job hunting around the country, which was not honorable thing in my eyes. I did not want to take church salary while job hunting. So I resigned the next month on March 7, 2003.

    The other 8 Board members (16 person board)vocally and adamently wanted me to remain as senior minister and to help to try and navigate the church through the difficult times that had been going on for years. Ask Board members (Paul Watkins, West Point graduate, School Board member in Dripping Springs, community leader, FCC Board member and former Chair of Board) and he will verify this summary of mine.

    The Board was split 8-8 on all major issues, including staffing, as they had been split for years on matters. I told the Board when I interviewed “I or whomever you hire will only be an interim pastor. Any pastor who follows a 20-year tenured pastor will only be an interim, no matter what title you give me or someone. Your next pastor, be it myself or someone else, will be lucky to last 36 months in this turbulance. My fun factor ran out of gas at the 18 month point and I resigned and stayed in town since I had nothing to hide…it just did not work out well. I told my “bishop” earlier in the year, and he told me he agreed with me, that FCC was going to split no matter if I stayed or if I left…the folks themselves and the Board itself was split deeply and had been for years. Hence, the fiscal, staffing, and vision issues were ongoing. Lack of unified vision. Common in military, politics, and church as you well know.

    The flag thing. My only point in bringing that up is that SB just does not give good and consistent reasons why he acts the way he does. I love living in and serving a country where we have the right to salute and we have the right to not salute and we have the right to publicly differ. I know you feel the same and I respect your comments on this matter. And I respect your service to this country, Charles. You know that.

    I still am paying off the $22,000 personally on the bingo loss. You and other members voted to open the Bingo operation in hopes of generating money legally through family bingo (no alcohol and no smoking) on Friday nights to try and help raise funds for college scholarships for local high school students. We failed miserably, going $22,000 in debt. Only one person in the club ever offered to help me pay the loss. I volunteered (because it was my vision to raise scholarship money through the Bingo venue through the State of Texas…just like local Catholic churches offer family bingo up in Buda or Kyle) to assume liability for the loss and I still am personally and singularly paying off the $22,000 the club borrowed to run Bingo for two years. As you know, we got the crowds but the local crowds spent only half of what the state per person expenditure was in Bingo. I tried to raise money for college scholarships and failed miserably! Bingo! You lose some and you win some. I am always glad to discuss these well intentioned attempts to help others.

    As I have said all along even if you do not chose to believe it, I have no interest in this matter politically other than I do not like con artists and I do not want a con artist running the county budget. I am surprised at your lack of judgement on this SB matter but then again I have been blind in the past and have been taken advantage of in the past as one person so gently pointed out to me.

    The conversation is healthy. Thanks Chuck! I salute you.

  4. “The Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP) is a 501(c)6 regional economic development corporation”

  5. A non-profit corporation.

    I guess I am not clear which part of the statement you take issue with.

    Either way, I’m rethinking my decision to enter the discussion.

  6. SB said in the debate that the Partnership is a private corporation. The Partnership is a 501c non profit organization. Big differnce here.

  7. There is certainly a difference between a for profit corporation, and a non-profit corporation, but they are both corporations.

  8. Just read the forms filed with the Texas Ethics Commission by Will. It seems that he just checked the “Not Applicable” box on every form. Not an expert but many of the forms require and itemization of assets, property, business holdings, etc. They are essentially all blank and signed by Will. This concerns me. I am hoping to hear an explanation of why or if I am just mistaken on what is required on these forms.

  9. Toto,

    People use the wrong word or phrase at times in debates. Will said no county taxpayer money has ever been given to a developer. The County was part of the Carma/Paso Robles deal. I’m sure he would phrase that differently maybe saying, “no cash was ever given to a developer” or something similar.

  10. Dear Charles,

    About SB living with his daddy to, as you say, care for his aging father.

    SB painted a very different picture of his father last year. SB told me himself, “I moved out of my dad’s apartment because he has a new hottie and I wanted to give him some more operating room.” Does not sound like the guy is aging nor does it sound like he needs caring for…at least now from a son named SB.

    I got more cards, sir. Want to keep playing or do you want to help the county and encourage SB to fold his hand and go back to Europe? Oh, yeah, you and I have bothed lived in Europe and we both know that European laws require one to work, pay bills and debts owed, pay taxes, and have a job in order to remain in a particular country for long. Oh, that is why SB had to leave Turkey and run back to America to seek office? I remember now.

    I have great respect for you and your service in our country, Chuck. You gotta get your thinking cap back on in this one. You are smarter than this.

    Thanks. Gary

  11. I’m not a GOP insider, but that last question looked like the Republicans are eating their own young.

  12. Watson,

    Conley said the county has let others keep more of their own money. This is exactly what happened with all deals the county has done. The county has written a check to no one. Your boy SB seems to have this problem every time he opens his mouth. SB has turn in all his reports late. He also has filled them out incorrectly (under oath), unless he has a wife that works for the ISD like is shown on his report. You don’t hear Conley bringing up these things. SB has never said what he would do as commissioner in any detail. Why becuase he has no clue, so he tries to get Conley into these games about forms and appointees. Games wont do him any good in this election.

  13. Gary Smith
    May 10, 2012 – 9:05 pm
    Two very good things happening today.

    One, it is raining and we all need the rain.

    Two, Kent “Bud” Wymore, head of the Hays County Republic Party, has mailed out a letter to Republicans around the county to NOT vote for SB.

    It is a good day for all of us in Hays County. Rain and intelligence and integrity refreshing our parched souls and lives.


    Gary Smith
    May 10, 2012 – 10:04 pm
    Dear Chuck,

    Let me clarify another misstatement you made today in your FCC history report. Just a little church history for the record, so to speak.

    Before I resigned from First Christian Church on March 7, 2005, over 100 members of FCC had resigned their membership at the church after a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (as it is lovingly called by many)that happened on February 14, 2005 which was over two weeks prior to my resignation. The congregation had a “venting session” that turned into a lynch mob mentality, group think dynamic that spun out of control as the “Bishop” (regional minister from Fort Worth) and the Area Minister (from San Antonio) decided to not manage the unruly part of the crowd and a 90 minute meeting/discussion turned into what many called “the worst night of my entire life” as church members fought with each other over issues from 10 years earlier, etc.

    Over 100 active members of the FCC church resigned within a week. I stayed at FCC. The 100 who left FCC did so in protest against the lack of civility and dignity displayed that St. Valentine’s Night. Several told me, “I can never again go back into that building again after witneesing such horrible and dispicable lack of basic civility and dignity.” Some members moved membership to churches in Wimberley like Darrly Krebs and his wife who remain active to this day in leadership roles at the Episcopal Church out there. Some quit church altogether after being so deeply disappointed in the actions of the mob crowd. Had there been a rope and a tree there would have been a hangin that night by the crowd. It was a feeding frenzy built up by over 17 years of fiscal and staffing and vision frustrations as various camps formed over the years. One Board member resigned that night and has not been in any church since then, saying he is “a recovering Board member.” He is a West Point graduate and has seen war…he says the February 14th mob crowd at FCC was the most horrible thing he has ever seen anywhere and anytime.

    Some church members began attending in Austin and San Antonio. One Board member moved his money and membership to the large Cypress Creek church in Wimberley. Over 100 members resigned in protest against the uncivil actions of their own colleagues and business partners. Some took business losses and moved membership, saying they could not ever go back into the building where such horrible things were said and done in the name of religion.

    These folks that left took their money with them also. Right after February 14, I began to inquiry about serving in the Episcopal Church in San Antonio as the Episcopal Church there has many military families and retirees and they were eager to talk with a retired military chaplain about serving the military congregations in San Antonio.

    Between February 14th and March 7, a very small group of people met and discussed forming a new church in San Marcos. They wanted to start a church that would be 1) open to visitors as FCC really had trouble wiht my having brought in so many new members in my 18 months there…some did not like all the new members 2) the new church group wanted a church where children were cental to worship and a huge part of the worship service…at FCC when I had 55 kids come up front for Children’s Sermon during Christmas I had three elderly people tell me “we will make sure you never have the chance to have that many noisy kids in worship again” 3) open to college kids…one Sunday I fed steaks to 45 fraternity students and they all came to church nicely dressed and sitting together and beaming…after worship one Board member told me “we do not want college kids in our church…they do not pay anything and they cause trouble” and that was directly opposite the sentiments of other board members who wanted me to come up with ways to attract college students to the church 4) the group wanted a church that was community service oriented rather than a church that was ingrown and not that interested in community service as an official vision and purpose. The FCC Board was split over these issues of new members, children in worship, college students in worship, and other issues central to the life of a church. The Board had been split for years before I came…that is why the job was open in the first place. as I told you in a previous email. Some Board members wanted me to bring in new visitors, include children and college students and newcomers in worship while other Board members did not share the same vision to include new people, children, college students, etc in the life of the Church. Of course, finances were also a GREAT problem as the church had been steadily losing members and money for years while at the same time expanding staff prior to my arrival…they were spending money on staff that they did not have and no one seemed to be in charge of the problem. So some of the Board members, about half, got excited about bringing a military “Lt Col” chaplain with a reputation for attracing new families and children to worship and the practical experience in the military as an officer to FIX the systemic situation rather than bringing in a person with a Doctorate degree to preach an academic sermon each Sunday to a well educated congregation. I thought they should have hired a woman with a doctorate but half the Board members liked the idea of bringing in a military male chaplain to fix the broken system, as they told me during my interview.

    So, in late Februay of 2005, a small group of previous FCC members organized a new church start in San Marcos with this focus on Children, families, college students, new members, community service, and women and men serving equally in leadership roles in worship and in the various ministries of the church. This group offered me the senior minister position to help them launch a new church in San Marcos. I resigned from FCC, I then accepted the position at this new church start, and we held our first service on March 27, 2005.

    Just to set the record straight. You can go read all sermons and history of the new church on the web site which is very transparent and reflective of the focus on families, children, college students, welcoming of visitors and new members, etc.

    Thanks for asking.

  14. Since my prayers for rain have been answered I’ll now begin praying for Brad to post any incendiary article that will get us off this topic.

  15. SM95 ~ BWWWWAAAA~ I was thinking almost the exact same thing when I was reading the latest post on the wolf letter page. This is like a trainwreck that I just can’t take my eyes off of, please make it stop!

    At the beginning of this SB and Pastor Gary situation I felt Gary just had a genuine concern he wanted to pass along to whomever it reached. Now with the maniacal rate of his VERY long winded posts, SB seems to be an absolute obession with this man….which leads me to think his intentions may not be pure, but church politics and city politics related. He would have come off much more credible if he had stopped after maybe three posts….it’s turned into a circus at this point and all the venom is not something I’d expect from a man in the Pator’s position. Opinions are fine, but maniacal, repeated, public attacks are WAY over the line IMO.

  16. Mr. Walts, if you are going to wade into water you need to be careful of the slippery bottom.

    So you think you know what happened at FCC? There was a period of growing stress in the church that culminated in a St. Valentines Day Massacre, aka known as the “church healing session” of February 14, 2005. A really spiritual event, let me assure you. Led by an Area Minister, and a Regional Minister from the DOC church organization. It really didn’t matter what happened after that night, a large portion of the church was on the way out the door. The group that “won” got what they asked for, the church building and the minister gone. They just didn’t factor in the cost at the time. It is my assumption they are happy, content and successful now. As has been noted by Mr. Smith he had a fallback plan having seen this coming. He never was able to execute that plan because he got a better offer from a group that found themselves without a building or a minister, but were meeting in homes. I know that story doesn’t really match up with the one you were told, but the victor always gets to write history. In this case I’m going to assume there are two victors, FCC and CTRC.

    Regarding the offense to the teaching profession, who was it that started down this path to begin with but SB? He chose to identify himself as an education consultant rather than as a teacher, or even a substitute teacher. Apparently he is the one who felt being a teacher was insufficient for him. I can’t imagine a harder job than being a substitute teacher and trying to make a difference in a child’s education without having any opportunity to know the issues and interests of the child. Education isn’t like stamping out cookies with a cookie cutter that just anyone can do. Unlike a consultant, which anyone can be without risk of failure.

    And yes, I do care if a candidate for local office is invested in the community, either financially or socially. If they aren’t, how can I judge their leadership skills? Where do I get a sense of their financial discipline? Yes, SB’s “resume” includes many fine names on it, but I see no residual evidence of affiliation with those names.

  17. Dear Melissa,

    I agree on both counts. It is a trainwreck happening before our eyes and I was trying to get the attention of any and all voters. Having dealt for years with victims of abusive bullies and liars, I do have a tendency to try and help others avoid being victimized whenever I can.

    I have no church or political motives. Trust me on that one. At my age (59) and with having no need for a boss or a paycheck, it is nice to not have to be owned by anyone and to be freed up to do right in life without having to worry much about what one’s “boss” says, as some have suggested. I just don’t like abusers victimizing people when I know they could be stopped or if they stop themselves. SB gave no indication to me or others that he would stop on his own. I do not like this role I selected but I did personally feel it was right for me to go public until I felt the voters of the county knew who SB really was. He and his few followers were attacking credibility issues and continung to spread stuff far from the truth.

    Sorry for the long answers. I really am.


  18. Gary,
    Your email rants sound like what helped you get run off from FCC. Do Mr. Conley a favor and stay off line until after the election. You just don’t seem to know when enough is enough. You ramble like you preach and the only way I made since of what you said was to get Burt to translate. You two are still flocking together aren’t you? This email stuff could be fun. Thank you so much Gary for this forum.

    Your brother in Christ,

  19. So was this what it was like in ancient Athens on a daily basis? No wonder Socrates didn’t wanna try and flee. I feel like beating my head against a wall just watching this train wreck from afar…

  20. Psssssst…Hey Keith…..keep it down…..I cancelled my cable and this is taking place of my Soaps.

  21. Dear Keith,

    Great to hear from you. Hope all is well. I know stories are hard to understand. Thanks for the feedback.


  22. Dear Melissa,

    Good morning.

    I agree that many of my emails were far too long. When the election is over then I will disappear and that guy can sign back up for his cable as all of this SB drama will be over.

    Ok…some one liners/two liners to shorten this up a bit:

    The reason I will not let go of this is because SB is a dangerous stalker. He repeatedly comes to my house with “Let’s talk” notes and words and he stalked a woman in town by following her around town in his car after she left her house to get away from him. I will give you her name if she gives me permission. She is not the only woman he stalks.

    The Secretary of State in Texas has received an official complaint/allegation concerning illegal campaign fund expenditures for the campaign of SB. Investigation forthcoming.

    The “hiring of a felon” is a false accusation that SB made against Will Conley in the League of Women Voters debate last week as it turns out. Will never hired a felon. The “felon” served as a volunteer on a county committee of concerned citizens. Never paid. Never hired. Volunteer, which is legal. Turns out, IF you and others did any objective research on the matter, you would find that the man served time for trumped up political charges…it was all politics and as, we are seeing in SB, often politics are filled with wolves like SB who are less than honest.

    Ok. Little long. Sorry. Hope this is digestable. Next comment will take a few cups of coffee. Thank you. Gary

  23. Kent E. “Bud” Wymore IV, ESQ
    Chairman, Hays County Republican Party
    Fighting for conservative leadership for our future!

    May 9, 2012

    Dear Republicans,

    As chairman of the Hays County Republican Party, I write with an urgent message about our upcoming Republican Primary election. Very seldom do I weigh in on a primary campaign, but the stakes for Hays County and our party could not be higher than they are in this election.

    Less than two years ago, a man named Sam Brannon moved to Hays County after concluding a failed campaign for U.S. Congress as an independent candidate with a campaign committee registered in a Dallas suburb.

    Now, he is running for Precinct Three County Commissioner in Hays County against Commissioner Will Conley. Unfortunately, Mr. Brannon is trying to scare Republicans into voting for him by spreading purposely misleading information about Commissioner Conley and many of our local Republican elected leaders.

    I will not stand idly by as a political opportunist and outsider to our community falsely attacks and tried to divide our party for nefarious purposes.

    Central to Mr. Brannon’s message is Hays County’s debt. He manipulates percentages and statistics to create the appearance that the county’s debt is very high. However, Mr. Brannon’s message is just smoke and mirrors. He hides some very important facts.

    First, the vast majority of the debt on Hays County’s balance sheet comes from the road and park bond program approved by voters in 2007 and 2008. As you know, we live in a rapidly growing county. That is why voters overwhelmingly supported a $207 million bond program to improve crowded and unsafe roadways. Commissioner Conley and his fellow Republicans on the commissioner’s court have worked hard to implement these road improvements on time, under budget, and without ever voting to raise tax rates.

    These road improvements include such vital roads as Ranch Road 12, FM 2325, I-35 through Hays County, the San Marcos Loop, Hwy 290, Hwy 21, and FM 1626 to name a few. Mr. Brannon believes that we did not improve need to improve any roads and that we should abandon these projects immediately – a position so ridiculous it could only be taken by an outsider who does not understand the issues that matter to Hays County families.

    Second, Mr. Brannon fails to mention that Commissioner Conley personally negotiated a
    $133 million repayment from the State of Texas to reimburse Hays County for these road
    improvements. Thus, the bond debt incurred from our voter-approved road improvement projects is actually much smaller than it appears, since the state will pay about two-thirds of the bill.

    Third, Mr. Brannon also fails to mention that some of the debt on the county’s balance sheet is actually an investment that pays for itself. For example, the county paid about $6 million to

    (page one of two)

    acquire our Juvenile Justice Center. As a result, surrounding counties are paying Hays County to utilize this excellent facility, and these payments are much larger than the cost than the cost to acquire the center. Thus, while shows as “debt” on our balance sheet, we are actually making money from the project.

    What I have mentioned in this letter accounts for the vast majority of the debt on Hays County’s balance sheet. As for the rest? We are investing in a new office building to consolidate several county departments and save taxpayer money over the long term. We also improved an old county road as part of an agreement to secure a new hospital and medical center.

    As you can see, Commissioner Conley and his fellow Republicans on the commissioners court are making sound financial decisions. That is why a recent independent audit said that Hays County’s finances are so good, “most governments would envy” our solid financial position.

    The facts speak for themselves:

     Commissioner Conley and our Republican county commissioners have never voted to increase taxes and Commissioner Conley authored some of the largest tax cuts in county history.

     Since taking office, Commissioner Conley has worked to triple Hays County savings account to more than $30 million, and earn one of the highest credit ratings possible for a county government.

     As a result of strong conservative leadership by our Republican-led commissioners court, Hays County has achieved the third highest rate of job growth in the nation, and we are improving our roads for the future.

    On several occasions, Mr. Brannon has been caught lying about Commissioner Conley. It is imperative that we not allow this to stand. Join me in rejecting Sam Brannon’s dishonest message about Commissioner Conley and our Republican county leaders, and also Mr. Brannon’s dangerous position that Hays County should stop improving our roads and preparing for our future.

    Now is the time for Hays County Republicans to celebrate strong conservative leadership. I endorse the efforts of our hardworking Republican leaders in Hays County and ask you to join me in moving our community forward with proven conservatives like Commissioner Will Conley.


    Bud Wymore (signed)

    Kent E. “Bud” Wymore, IV, esq
    Chairman, Hays County Republican Party*

    *Title used for identification purposes. Pd. Pol. Adv. By Will Conley Campaign, 701 Mountain Crest, Wimberley, Texas 78676

  24. Dear Keith,

    It really was good to hear from you. I respect you and I greatly respect how you treated and included my son in youth trips at FCC. I mean that. I am sorry I spouted off about stories being hard to understand. Just bantering.

    FCC is my “home” church as I was a “Timothy” of your church as I was ordained at FCC on May 6, 1984. A “Timothy” means that your FCC Church committed in 1984 to ordain me for ministry and to pray for my ministry for the duration of my life. I appreciate your daily prayers and the prayers of all the FCC members for my ministry in the military and church over the past 28 years. I celebrated 28 years of ministry last week. It was a special service at Christ the Redeemer Church. I mentioned FCC and how I love FCC and how I always came back to Texas from the military and drove my kids by FCC down on San Antonio street and proudly told them, “That is the church and place where I was ordained into ministry on May 6, 1984.” Like all kids, they would moan and want to know when we stopping to eat. But now, as they are older, they understand the special place that FCC has in my heart and now it is in thier hearts also. I tell them that their mother and I went to college “”on the hill” and I tell my daughter that FCC had a baby shower for my wife when she was pregnant with our daughter in 1981…the baby shower was held on our Farewell Sunday as we were moving to Fort Worth so I could attend graduate school seminary at TCU…going from a Bobcat to a Horned Frog!

    I have sadly noted that you all have had, at last count, 6 senior ministers at FCC in the past 8 years so y’all keep running em off with regularity. Your Pastoral Search committee must be exhausted! Must be the only full-time Pastoral Search committee in the nation! They should be paid for all of that volunteer work! I am sorry FCC keeps running off good pastors as I have known a couple of them you ran off.

    God has blessed me with a very good church here in town and they have not yet run me off after 9 years of my serving them as senior minister. Hard to believe it has been 9 years at CTRC. My 18 months at FCC, unfortunately seemed like 9 years. I hope you all get your internal issues and vision thing fixed in the next decade or so.

    I never brought up this FCC thing but since SB followers and you did then I thought I would go ahead and let the public enjoy some local church history and pastor to years FCC ratio. Please give your Pastoral Search committee a rest and keep your current pastor for a few more years. She is good and she deserves your support.

    Rev Gary

  25. Mr. Smith,

    You are an excellent typist or really know how to copy and paste. It is interesting that the bullet points and the bold letters converted to online posting with little boxes and lack of bold type print where it shows in the original letter.

    Now I have a question for you and I hope you will tell the truth. Were you given an electronic version of this letter to post?

  26. I post this letter in its entirety. It is from two former Hays County Republican Chairmen. It came with a May 11, 2012 date.

    Dear Republicans,

    We are writing you today regarding a recent political flyer issued by the Will Conley Campaign. The May 9th mailer purports to be an “urgent message” from current Hays Republican Chairman Bud Wymore warning voters about Mr. Conley’s opponent, Sam Brannon.

    While Mr. Wymore is free to endorse whomever he chooses, Wymore should not seek to imply that local Republican Party has endorsed Commissioner Conley. The local Party should try to avoid being seen as the incumbent protection team and Wymore’s views should not be seen as anything more than an outgoing “cheap shot” from a Chairman not seeking reelection.

    The fact remains that, according to the Texas Bond Review Board, Hays County’s debt has increased 810% under Will Conley, and he voted for every dollar of it. There are no “smoke and mirrors” here, as Wymore claims.

    We are very disappointed in Chairman Wymore’s decision and suggest this will do nothing to rally Republicans around the nominees in November. Wymore has failed in his duty to promote fairness in the process. Wymore’s letter reeks of desperation on behalf of the Conley camp and it is blatant attempt to mislead potential voters. This appears to be part of the deliberate and contrived smear campaign against Brannon, whom we both know to be an honest candidate dedicated to Fiscal Responsibility, Transparency and Local Decision Making.

    Sam Brannon has our vote, and we urge you to give him yours as well.

    Craig Young
    Wimberley, Texas
    Former Hays County Republican Chairman (Current Pct. 337 Chair)

    Lee Schroeder
    San Marcos, Texas
    Former Hays County Republican Chairman

  27. Gary,
    You got two thing right….FCC does have a great minister and the 18 months you were there seemed like 9 years. 9 years at your new job and your still renting. You seem to be a little jealous of FCC? I wish the best for my friends at CTRC and miss praising God with some of them. Again Gary, thanks so much for this forum and give your lovely family my regards.

    God Bless San Marcos,

    Nakedtruth has you pigged. Remember what your mother says about lying.

  28. You sheep being led by the roundup. Of course conley checked “does not apply”. I wondered why the gaphic in the Roundup didnt show all of the form and the instructions that were abbreviated at its top. being a business owner myself, i began to wonder how I would fill out the form. so, i went to the detailed instructions. here is what i found—–the form requires that you claim NEW interests in real property etc that has occurred OVER THE PAST CALENDAR YEAR. Almost all of the financial disclosure questions come with that instruction—“over the past calendar year”. So, CONLEY FILLED OUT THE PAPERWORK CORRECTLY! People, NEVER trust a blog’s editor nor the people who blindly follow its posters.

  29. You sheep being led by the roundup. Of course conley checked “does not apply”. I wondered why the gaphic in the Roundup didnt show all of the form and the instructions that were abbreviated at its top. being a business owner myself, i began to wonder how I would fill out the form. so, i went to the detailed instructions. here is what i found—–the form requires that you claim NEW interests in real property etc that has occurred OVER THE PAST CALENDAR YEAR. Almost all of the financial disclosure questions come with that instruction—”over the past calendar year”. So, CONLEY FILLED OUT THE PAPERWORK CORRECTLY! People, NEVER trust a blog’s editor nor the people who blindly follow its posters

  30. As reported in the Hays County Roundup on Jan. 22, 2012 concerning Conley’s and Jones’ appointment of two convincted felons and about which Conley continues to lie:

    “Very recently, there was a flareup over two county appointments to a citizen advisory group. Not all the facts have been revealed nor reported about how an ex-convict and a man who reportedly pleaded guilty to public lewdness in 2001 came to be appointed by county commissioners to the current Hays County transportation plan citizens advisory group. The same two offenders served on a 2008 transportation advisory committee. One has mysteriously resigned from the current transportation advisory group (and been replaced) and the other remains listed on the county’s website but is supposed to have resigned. While the resignations are appropriate, the two commissioners (Messrs. Conley and Jones) who made these appointments should explain why they made them in the first place. Constituents have a right to know if any ethics related policy was violated. But as in so many other cases, this matter is likely to be brushed aside as irrelevant. No need for accountability and no need to clean up the appointment process. So the story line remains the same: “The people don’t think it’s important, we can handle it. It is business as usual for Hays County Government.”

    The name of the ex-con appointed by Conley to the Citizens Advisory Group of Hays Co. Transportation is Michael Moeller. Moeller’s wife (birds of a feather) Nora Linares Moeller, was also dismissed from her position at the Texas Lottery Commission during another scandal, and all of this was known by Conley. They, both prominent Democrats at the state level, were among Conley’s public supporters during his 2008 campaign.

    The other Conley appointee is a dentist who was caught on tape molesting a patient. Yes, caught on tape molesting a patient under the influence of medication given by the dentist.

    These were appointments of volunteers, BUT really? Doesn’t the public deserve to have decent law abiding citizens providing oversight? Why did Conley appoint these felonious individuals for such an important position? As stated by a commentor on the Roundup article, “Will Conley uses no judgment — just cronyism — in his political dealings. He MUST be defeated in his re-election bid for County Commissioner, Place 3.”

  31. sam isham,

    I too have reviewed the form and promulgated instructions for the form PFS. No where in either document does it refer to NEW interests in the various categories, i.e., real property, stocks, income/spousal/child’s income, etc. It does however ask if the filer has held or acquired… This means if you bought a house or have business property, etc. 10 years ago and you still own it, you must disclose it. If I am mistaken, please direct me to that section(s) of either document. Yes, the form’s questions cover everything that was held or acquired over the past calendar year, meaning you don’t have to go back further; however, if you owned it, you held an interest in it, and if you acquired new property you must disclose that as well.

  32. Dear Keith,

    Thank you for your note. As a priotity in ministry, we at CTRC have chosen to not be saddled with a mortgage debt like FCC has been saddled for over 20+ years. You might want to go back over the past 25 years of FCC history and remind yourself as to why FCC continuously has to refinance its mortgage. One of the things the FCC Board asked me to try and do (during the interview to fix, as you Board chair told me, “To fix this broken church”…that is what Wayman said to me as your board chair), which y’all good folks had been unable to do, was to try and reduce the mortgage balance as you kept refinancing due to not being able to make the payments. In my last 6 months there (go look at minutes and your books to verify), we (you and me and others) reduced the debt from $230,000 to $170,000 which was an unmatched success in reducing the debt significantly there in a very short period of time. We at CTRC, as a choice of ministry, after watching y’all struggle for over 20 on a rather small note of less than $300,000 that you and others in FCC just could not make payments enough to reduce principle, have decided to focus our attention on people and serving the community rather than getting all wrapped up in a silly mortgage payment. So many very good CTRC members who donated for years as members of FCC in futile efforts to pay down your mortgage debt, say to me and to the Board, “We do not want to be like FCC and have a mortgage that holds us hostage and keeps us from doing things for people in the community.” Thank you for bringing that up, Keith.

    The people shape the building and then the building shapes the people. That is an old preacher saying from long ago.

    Blessings upon your ministry,

  33. nakedtruth
    May 12, 2012 – 7:22 am
    Mr. Smith,

    You are an excellent typist or really know how to copy and paste. It is interesting that the bullet points and the bold letters converted to online posting with little boxes and lack of bold type print where it shows in the original letter.

    Now I have a question for you and I hope you will tell the truth. Were you given an electronic version of this letter to post?

    Dear Naked Truth,

    Thanks for asking that question as it is a question I would have asked had someone else sent out that letter. Nice to see that you have a copy of the original letter also.

    I typed out that letter after receiving it (hard copy on the mail yesterday). I could not scan it into my computer so I just typed it and sent it out. I did also receive a electronic version of the letter but I could also not open that on my computer (yes, I have an old computer) so I just forwarded it to some friends. I typed it for the blog. No one gave it to me to post, as your question infers. Y’all have a hard time understanding that I ain’t working for anyone.

    I just don’t think I, or you or anyone else, should stand by idly while a known professional con artist runs for office and wants us to trust him with our money and futures. It seems simple to me…community needs to protect itself from con artists.

    Thanks. I hope that answers your question.

  34. Dear all,

    Interesting short story (Keith, call someone and they interpret this cute little seemingly innoucuous sign story for you).

    Today I asked a neighbor (only been in town 5 years and knows very few people in town as they spend much time gardening in thier yard…built a house here out of stone after another hurrican in Galveston damaged his house and he said that was it..,.they decided to move to San Marcos and build a stone house) with a SB sign in his yard if he knew who SB was. He and his wife said they did not know who he was but that another neighbor had talked them into putting the sign up. Now they are hearing more and more stories of SB as a con man and they already regret putting the sign in thier yard.

    She said she would take the sign down but that she is now SCARED that SB might come back and question why they took down the sign. SCARED. She is not the first person in town that I have heard say that she is SCARED (another woman told me she is scared for her SAFETY).

    They told me I could put a Will Conley in their yard and they asked me if I could make sure the Will Conley sign is larger than the huge SB sign in their yard. They also said, “Isn’t it illegal to have a campaign sign that does not specify election details (like WHICH precinct, etc.). So a huge Will Conley sign is being placed this afternoon right beside a large but smaller SB sign and the neighbors can not wait until the election to take down the SB sign as then they can sigh a sigh of relief. They said they will never again have a political sign in thier yard.

    Lesson here, Keith? Don’t vote for a con artist who frightens citizens by trying in put signs up around town through sheer intimidation.


  35. Gary,
    Please check your facts, Gary! Thanks for the sign lesson but I’ll stick with my little Will Conley sign and agree that everybody doen’t have to agree with me. (I’m pretty sure you just proved my point about your stories! Big sign, bigger signs, stone house, danger but most of all JUDGEMENT!) Again Gary, check your facts and humble yourself by pretending everyone doesn’t agree with the way you think! I wish you and yours the best and hope Will Conley continues to represent all the people in our district and Hays Co. dispite friends like you.

    Again Gary think you for this forum. You seem to be consumed by something and this gives you a way to deal with it. Have a Lovely Day and don’t forget tomorrow is mothers day and give that bride of yours a hug for me:) I’m cooking mine salmon with sweet potatoes and veggies from the garden.

    God Bless Hays County,


    PS: Lesson: Beware what you say to Chaplain Gary Smith and o yea Con Artist, don’t trust them! Good job, even my shallow brain got it.

  36. You know they’ve got this little thing called email where you all could verbally bash each other’s brains in outside of the public eye. I don’t think anyone is doing anything to further the case of either candidate by this point (nor have you for quite some time). Indeed, if you – on both sides of this petty sniping I’d say – are accomplishing anything it is more likely to be making people even more disgusted of our political process in general. Please, for the love of Osiris, stop.

  37. Thanks for the feedback. Track the comments and you will find I started out pointing out facts about the SB con guy and then some of you brought up the other subjects in order to try and discredit my opinion. I just respond to what y’all bring up…FCC, bingo, Sunrise Club, renting a facility, etc. I brought none of those up. Seems to me that when you boys get cornered on SB or on some other stuff then you just ask me to go to email to continue talking. I prefer focusing on SB and this ongoing con job. It will all be over soon when the votes come in. Then we can all bid farewell to each other and go on with our happy little ways.

    Sorry if some of you can not stay on the subject of the election. You bring up what you think will discredit my opinion and I will answer back. You don’t bring up tangential (and irrevelant) issues and I will not mention them. You stick to the election and I will stick to it.

    Hope you enjoy all of these conversations up through the election date.

    Thanks. Gary

  38. We have a winner, the shark has been jumped~!!! Thanks Gary, your prize is set of gensui cutting knives and CD of Zamfir, Master of the pan flute.

    So the neighbors said they didn’t know who Sam was, they don’t know many people and spend most of their time in the garden. You step in to talk to them and you would have us believe that these non-social individuals are hearing that Sam is con-artist from anyone but you?? I’ve not heard it from anyone but you and I am VERY social and at City Hall most Tuesdays nights where politics are well, the only thing talked about.

    They say they put the sign in their yard b/c a friend asked them too, and now are SCARED to take it down….hmmmm who would have put that fear into them.

    So now the neighbor asking them to put the sign in their yard becomes : “Lesson here, Keith? Don’t vote for a con artist who frightens citizens by trying in put signs up around town through sheer intimidation.” Those neighbors that intimidated them into putting up a sign must be terrible people.

    By the way, since you and two other women in town are being stalked by Mr. Brannon, why have their been no charges filed? I find this word to be over used in an exaggerated form these days, true stalking is a serious offense, one to be dealt w/ by the law, not by rumor.

    I was open to hearing your opinion at first, now my opinion is that you are SO obsessed with Sam that I can’t believe a word you’ve said. Sorry I could no longer sit on the sidelines watching this trainwreck, you are ruining your credibility as a pastor and trashing another man in town with no end in sight. Step away from the keyboard ~

  39. nakedtruth
    May 12, 2012 – 4:55 pm

    Fair enough, I found what I wanted to know doing an internet search. You have an impressive background and many years in the ministry, you are a writer and a story teller also. As for me, I am a registered voter reading the accusations of a “man of God” trying to understand why you have gone to great lengths trying to convince those with opposing views they are wrong and need to see the light.

    I am also trying to understand why you find it necessary to give us a history lesson of your church affiliations with details that have nothing to do with the upcoming election. In my opinion, it makes you look like a gossip and a trouble maker. Clearly, we have a different opinion regarding the role of a pastor preaching politics in the manner you have engaged.

    Keep the faith, Gary, if he really is a wolf, you’ll go down as a shepherd who know how to sound the alarm.

    Gary Smith
    May 12, 2012 – 4:59 pm
    Ok, One Serious MoFo,

    I will show many more verifiable, with dates and places,credentials than SB or any of you seem willing to share…

    – B.A.A.S. — Southwest Texas State University, May 17, 1980, highest honors
    – Attended one year at Austin Presbyterian Seminar in Austin while my wife finished her undergraduate work at Southwest Texas State (1980-1981)
    – Completed 6-month month Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)course through Austin Presbyterian Seminary as CPE student doing daily supervised counseling at Austin State Hospital, specifically in the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation ward of the hospital
    – Master of Divinity, Brite Theology Seminary, Texas Christian University, May 1984 (full academic scholarship,Divinity major, Pastoral Counseling minor)
    – Completed the 97 Accredited Hrs with A.A.P.C — American Association of Pastoral Counselors (supervised post-graduate work in counseling, May 1984)
    – 31 years service with USAF from 1971-2003 with small 5-month break in service (7 years enlisted and 6 years in USAF Reserves plus 19 years as chaplain after graduate school)
    – 19 years as USAF chaplain, promoted ahead of schedule up through ranks to Lt. Col,
    – First chaplain in USAF to be promoted Early to Major (1991) since the early days of the Viet Nam war 30 years earlier
    – Served First Christian Church in San Marcos as Youth Director 1979-1981
    – Ordained into full time Christian Ministry at FCC San Marcos on May 6, 1984 following graduate school.
    – Served University United Methodist Church in Fort Worth as Youth Minister 1981-1984
    – Served Wm. C. Martin UMC as Associate Minister 1984-1985 and then selected for USAF chaplain position
    – USAF chaplain 1984-2003 and doing institutional counseling with Church, AAPC, and military training in Counseling
    – As chaplain, flew with B-52 bomber crews and KC-135 tanker crews on training missions 1985-1989, providing counseling to crews and family members in high stress Combat Alert environment (during Cold War when Alert Crews lived on the flightline and were on 5-minute response time in case of war with Russia, as you recall.)
    – Assignments included Teaching Faculty Member at USAF Air Univerity 1994-1997
    – Only chaplain in US military history to graduate #1 out of a class of 604 line and international officers at Squadron Officer School in 1991 at Air Force University in Alabama
    – Turned down full colonel promotion to end 31 years of service and to move to San Marcos to retire and serve a church and community where we loved the people and the River.
    – Senior Minister at FCC San Marcos July 13, 2003- March 7, 2005
    – Senior Minister and founding minister at Christ the Redeemer Church in San Marcos March 27, 2005-present
    – Additionally, currently serving as Interim pastor to “the San Marcos Mercury congregation” as one of you called it today. Term is very limited to election 2012 season. May 4, 2012 (day this election editorial and response blog ministry began) to current

    Ok guys. Show me yours.
    Rev Gary

    Gary Smith
    May 12, 2012 – 5:06 pm
    Dear Naked Truth,

    Thank you. This was one of the most difficult and contemplated decisions I have made in my ministry. I have always successfully and easily stayed out of politics. Yes, perhaps I should have just registered my points and concerns in one brief editorial or in just one blog response. This SB guy had me very concerned and it seemed time to me for someone to step up and call out the guy so that he would quit abusing people. I use that word abuse very seriously. Perhaps all my years of counseling with deeply troubled con artists came into play. I just made the decision to go public, within certain paraments (I have not told all I know about the guy), and to warn others. I may have been wrong, I admit. But I did what I felt I needed to do for the good of others.
    Thanks. Gary

  40. Indeed he’s jumped the shark. This is the last thing I’m adding to this trainwreck. I don’t think Gary has any credibility on the subject of Mr. Brannon remaining with anyone but maybe a handful of gullible folks here and there. The bizarre implausible dirt he’s thrown is a poorly written and conceived work of fiction. Who knows what he’ll next sound the alarm about in another twisting turning illogical tale posted at 3 a.m. Who cares. He’s rendered himself unbelievable and rightly so. It is a shame to waste all of the work he’s accomplished to become a person of such ill intent hiding behind the cross to purportedly save the sheep.

    Mr. Brannon has now a formidable body of evidence for a libel and slander action against Gary Smith, in his individual capacity and possibly in his pastoral capacity as well.

  41. Gary,
    I need to correct something from earlier post:
    I said:
    You got two thing right….FCC does have a great minister and the 18 months you were there seemed like 9 years. 9 years at your new job and your still renting
    Should have read: your still ranting

    My bad but thanks for pointing out your choice to rent/rant instead of building and whatever other point you were trying to make about how great you are. A $100,000+ that was raised to fix the aging building according to the Dec. 2011 news letter at What I’ve been trying to tell you is check all your facts before you post. I’m not the brightest so where does that leave you?

    Gary, I’m sure you will find something else to bash or trash, you seemed consumed by the SB guy. Thanks for the forum and lessons!

    Lesson Learned:
    This chaplain has set his bible aside to boost about his good deeds, says bad things to make some appear better than others while judging them to be a con man and then says it’s everybody else fault because their options hurt his feelings and should not be expressed because it discredits him. When he has saved us from the election at all cost we will all bid farewell and pick up our bibles and go back to playing Christians. Listen to Milissa and stay off line. I forgot you get the last word. To be continued….w/ out me!

    I’m thinking earily voting starts Moday. Get informed and if you have the right to vote go excercise it and be glad your in America.

    I’ll be voting for Will Conley but not because of Gary Smith!


  42. Dear Keith,

    Thanks. Fun conversing with you. As Ted Kennedy once famously said, “Politics is a contact sports.” I apologize if you and a few others got hurt or bruised during this debate on politics and people and character and integrity. I endured this contact sport and knew what I was getting into when I wrote the editorial on May 4.

    Have you ever been outside of America? Just curious. Yes, daily I am glad to live in America after serving it for 31 years including overseas a few times. Have you ever served in the military? Just curious. I don’t think I need to be reminded by you of how grateful I should be to be living in America. I never forget that for one moment, not even when having rather silly discussions on line about these matters.

    I only answered the questions that you brought up, Keith. Sorry if you did not like the answers.

    I am glad you are voting for Will. That does show good judgement on your part. I know you have a good heart for I saw first hand how you treated youth in the church. I have full respect for any man or woman that treats youth in an inclusive and respectful way. You did that. I salute you.

    You might want to ask folks (I can name names if you like) who wrote large checks out to FCC during the month of December 2011 to help pay down the debt specfically. Most of them are no longer in FCC as they grew tired of the ongoing tension and issues that had been around since the late 1980’s when the mortgage began to become an issue at FCC. How do I know that? I was a Timothy for your church and folks and the minister and I communicated about my “home church”, FCC.

    I know the names of the ones who wrote checks and who they were and how much they wrote checks for and why they wrote them as each one of them wanted to talk with me privately as I answered thier questions as to why FCC was still refinancing the mortgage and what each of us could do together to get the mortgage off our backs. As their pastor, I talked with each one of them privately to raise the $60,000 that month to pay down the debt on the mortgage. Do you want names? I am cursed with a very good memory on such things.

    Thanks. Gary

  43. The Hays County Round Up, in which SB has created his campaign message around, is owned and operated by a hippie in Wimberley named Bob Ochoa. He is a known liberal and politcal hack for former county judge Liz Sumter. Just to put it into context.

  44. If SB is elected will he revert back his untidy long haired unclean appearance just as he reverted back after his top level corporate gig. Oh but wait a minute maybe he didnt revert. Maybe he COULD dress as a homeless hippy at GE Capital and American Express if he actually worked the phone bank fixing creditcard problems for card holders. Have we ever seen him in any top level corporate photos being awarded any kind of recognition for a job well done. No, all we have is his word, but no proof. He says he worked in supply chain management. Well, was it automotive parts, was it agriculture related, was it medical supplies/components—-just what industry was he involved in? Look up the websites for the obscure companies he was an officer in. What a joke!—-Get real people—who is this guy, what has he done to merit favor, what is his platform.

  45. Dear One Serious Mofo SB,

    I have noted that you are not working these days but spend your time at the voting places. I note that Will Conley is working like a normal person and does not have time to work people or intimidate them (as you think your presence will do) at the polls. I have had people tell me they will only go to vote if they are accompanied by another as they are frightened of you. That is a serious comment…to be frightened of voting because of being frightened of the candidate’s temperment.

    I look forward to this election being over and to this SB blog business being over! Not fun for me or for anyone else. Life is too short and too sacred to spend time on such matters as this SB blog…but I do think it is important to each of us that we have the freedom and opportunity to speak our concerns and to voice our hopes to others in a public forum like this.

    Hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day.

    Rev Gary

  46. May 17, 2012 – 7:01 am
    Dear SB One Serious Mofo and others,

    SB is, as we say here in Texas, “All hat and no cattle.”

    He insulted all teachers by greatly inflating his resume. His resume should read “rare substitute teaching responsibilities within SMCISD.” Instead his resume reads “Consultant to the SMCISD superintendent and administration.”

    All hat and no cattle.

    His resume reads with NO details except things like “senior manager at supply chain corporation.” It should read “bill collector for phone bank subcontractors”. SB is, among other things, a great inflator of his own resume and of his own importance in the world. He is not, despite his claims, the savior to Hays County politics.

    He is, in my opinion, not one to be trusted to write a contract for even a garbage truck route. He would then be, in his own style, “a senior corporate manager and author of all Sanitation Engineers contracts and responsible for the entire environmental clean-up and maintenance of all 5,641 square miles of Hays County, including water rights and all water ways and all highway maintenance (road side trash details) for all 2 million miles of roads in Hays County.”

    SB would not pay attention to the square miles (Hays County is 641 square miles I believe) or to the actual miles of highways in Hays County. SB wants to stop all road maintenance anyway, so the total miles listed in his resume is irrelevent to him anyway.

    I know. I know. Give it up and relax, Gary. Have faith. Trust the people. I do. I just can not stay quiet until this con artist named SB loses this race for handling MY(OUR) money and then goes back to Turkey to pay his debts owed there. Had I to do it over again, I would GIVE SB the money to return to Turkey to pay his debts there and get back with his “hottie” that he says is waiting for his return.

    Thank you for reading. I will keep writing until this race is over.
    Gary Smith

    May 17, 2012 – 7:19 am
    Dear SB One Serious Mofo,

    I sat in the front row of the League of Women Voters debate. You talked to the moderator frequently while Will Conley was addressing you and the crowd. You smirked. You did not even have the courtesy to sit with the other candidates, as you sat in the back row with the coward of an army colonel who huddled in the back with you, afraid to mingle with the people and other candidates. Yes, this is crude and blunt. It is crude and blunt because you flaunt all of your lies and ways in front of us all and you dare us to challenge you.

    You and the colonel (I still salute his service to our country)are being challenged publicly to come clean, act civil, fold your cards, and go back to Turkey. I am sure that by now you can find someone in Hays County to loan you the money that you begged and pleaded for privately from county officials so that you could “go back to Turkey”.

    You know you are a con artist and you are daring someone to catch you. Your kind is obvious to the aware and a threat to us all. And this is not about politics.


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