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I’ve known Commissioner Will Conley for more than a decade. He was my county sign chairman way, way back in my state rep races when he was a very young man just looking to get a start in politics and he was a HUGE help to me in that race, working his tail off, sweating it out driving in those T-posts and lugging around those big 4×8 signs all over the county.

I have to admit that I have not watched Will closely as a commissioner. Our family travels the nation teaching on the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, training young leaders through Patriot Academy, and equipping patriots of all ages to make a difference in our nation. So I regret that we are not able to be more involved in the local politics of our county and our republican party.

As a tea partier before the tea party was cool, I am no fan of long term incumbency and have personally witnessed the detrimental effects of a good person being in office so long that they become part of the problem, rather than the solution. Therefore, I usually support the challenger when they trumpet conservatism and small government.

But I also fear that this very, very important revolution of revitalizing constitutionalism and principles of liberty can be over before it even begins to accomplish our goals if we engage in poor strategy. One of the poorest strategies we can implement is choosing poor leadership simply because we want change. In fact, isn’t that how Obama got elected? America chose someone who was completely unqualified and ended up in a WORSE situation just because the nation foolishly believed anything was better than the status quo…this is not always the case…sometimes the status quo is better than the person promising change and revolution (Batista, though bad, was better than Fidel Castro; The Weimar Republic was certainly better than Hitler; moderate republicans, though not my preference, were certainly better than Pelosi & Reid; etc., etc.).

I’m simply saying that we conservative, tea party, revolutionaries must be wise in our strategy and not foolish with a mob mentality that says to “throw all the bums out” when all of them are not bums.

I do not know Sam Brannon. I spoke with him on the phone once when he called me last Fall. I thought it good to have competition in the race and even thought it might be time for a new commissioner if there were a good alternative with a proven track record of conservative leadership and a solid grounding in conservative principles. I have not yet been convinced that Sam Brannon is such a candidate.

Will Conley and I have not always agreed and have even had some spirited disagreements. But Will Conley has been a good commissioner for Hays County. He held his ground and fought for republican principles when he was the lone republican on the court. He has paid his dues in building our party and helping to lead our county. He has proven himself. He knows how to do the job and he can be the steady hand the county needs in the next few years.

While I am not a resident of Precinct 3 and will not be able to vote in this race for Commissioner, I would be voting for Will Conley if I could.

Former State Rep. RICK GREEN
Dripping Springs

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Will Conley the ‘steady hand Hays County needs’

  1. Well written, and it is nice to see everyone resisted the urge to use the headline “Green likens Brannon to Hitler.”

    More of this, please.

  2. Mr. Will Conley continually demonstrates his allegiance is to the Citizens of Hays County. I have never known a more ethical and trustworthy individual or politician. I will be proudly supporting him. JV

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