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Three of four candidates for San Marcos CISD board — incumbent Judy Allen and challengers Paul Mayhew and Juan Miguel Arredondo — disagreed about whether the district’s student achievement problems are primarily real or imagined and whether students should be issued iPads and Kindles. School board president David Chiu did not show up for the debate which was hosted by the San Marcos Area League of Women Voters. The top two candidates will take two available at-large seats in the May 12 election. Early voting starts April 30.

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4 thoughts on “Election 2012 Video: San Marcos school board candidates debate (Judy Allen, Paul Mayhew, Juan Miguel Arredondo)

  1. Griffin, I didn’t hear a reason given. Candidates who are absent can submit a written statement to be read but he did not do that either.

  2. Hi, Brad,
    Couldn’t you ask him why as part of your coverage?

    Also is the Mercury going to endorse?

    I think it’s an important part of a newspaper’s responsibility.
    Kate McCarty

  3. All this reminds me of the proverbial task of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The concept of a government-controlled education system itself needs to be seriously examined. Unfortunately, with almost everyone processed by the public school factory system, such questions (naturally) never get raised. Having the government control the intellectual development of its citizens is a conflict of interest.

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