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Candidates running for two congressional seats that include San Marcos have been invited to the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce’s candidate forum on Wednesday, April 11.

The luncheon will be at noon April 11 at the San Marcos Conference Center, 1001 E. McCarty Lane.

Candidates for CD-35, which encompasses eastern San Marcos and Hays County, include U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett and his Democratic Party challengers, Sylvia Romo and Maria Luisa Alvarado; Republican candidates for that seat include former San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz, Rob Roark, also of San Marcos, and John Yoggerst.

CD-21 incumbent U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith will also appear with his two Republican party challengers, Richard Mack and Richard Morgan.

The discussions will be moderated by Texas State University System vice chancellor Perry Moore. The event is hosted by the chamber’s governmental affairs committee.


Tickets are $25 if reserved online before Friday, April 6 and $40 thereafter. Tables for eight can be purchased for $250 but must be reserved before April 5; the event is expected to sell out.

Register for the event on the chamber’s website here.

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18 thoughts on “Chamber holding congressional candidate forum

  1. Will this Event be Televised or are we required to pay $25-$50 to hear what our prospective representatives have to say?

  2. I wonder if anyone ever stops and realizes that a lunch program–at the conference center, costs money?

  3. SMsince95,

    My understanding is that pretty much all the candidates, including Lamar Smith and Susan Narvaiz, have confirmed except for Lloyd Doggett, who has not

  4. As much as I like to believe in the corruption of the political system, I’m kind of with SMC. It’s not like it’s $1,000 per plate or something. I doubt $25 or $40 per would do much more than cover the cost of the event. I used to go to a networking breakfast in Austin, and if memory serves, that was about $20 or $25 per person, which turned out to be not enough money to keep it going.

  5. Ted and SMC: the point is that you shouldn’t have to pay to attend an open forum for politicians that WE THE PEOPLE elect.

  6. To me Doggett/Narvaiz is the main event. I hope Mr. Doggett joins in.
    Though it would also be fun to see him under-estimate his opponent and get his hat handed to him. I’m not holding my breath though.

  7. Just covering costs or not (and $40 for a meal seems pretty aristocratic to me; I’m guessing the Chamber is using this as a fundraiser, which is obviously well within their rights), who is being denied the chance to participate in our democratic process by charging to attend? I’m certainly not in a position to drop $50 for me and my wife to hear what our potential representatives have to say and I suspect I am in the majority here. This strikes me as troubling.

    If they televised it I wouldn’t feel the same way, but looking at the Chamber’s website it does not appear that this is going to happen. If I were a candidate I would skip the event out of principle, assuming, of course that our system is supposed to be providing equal access to all citizens, not just those with enough cash and influence.

  8. I guess I hadn’t thought about people being unable to attend, because I already couldn’t think of any worse way to spend my time and wouldn’t go if they were handing out $20 bills at the door.

    I see your point.

  9. Perhaps they could convince Mark David Simmons to moderate the event. Judging from the carnival it sounds like he has turned his trial into by representing himself this would likely spice things up for everyone involved. And those of us who could not afford to buy tickets could amuse ourselves watching the unmarked black helicopters circling the event overhead…

  10. Ok people,

    Think about it. The chamber not only has to pay for lunch, but the facilities as well. The chamber decided to do this so SM would not be ignored. I am sure if you can not afford it the Mercury will publish the league of women’s voter guide. Will all of you quit complaining. I guess some people aren’t happy unless their complaing.

  11. I believe you missed the point I was making.

    I find no fault with the Chamber for doing this, but with the candidates for not seeing that this very process, by design, excludes some people from participation in a chance to interact with their potential representatives based solely upon economic means. What you call complaining I call an argument in defense of popular sovereignty and I would say that if you don’t see the intrinsic problem with this you have a very different conceptualization of what our nation is supposed to stand for than I.

    But, if my pointing this out constitutes labeling me a “complainer” I’ll gladly accept it. But, I would throw back at you that I wish more of us would complain about the direction toward plutocracy our government is headed. That should concern all of us…I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Well, the blurb on this page didn’t say anything about time or place. It didn’t even mention a luncheon. Even the SMCC page doesn’t mention a location only that it’s a Q and A Luncheon. That said, the whole thing sounds too elitist to me.

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