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This is Day 3 of our man-on-the-river interviews about proposed new San Marcos parks rules, including a ban on alcohol. The council is scheduled to vote on the measures Tuesday, April 3:

“I feel like it’s all a part of the San Marcos experience. I think people will still do it [drink] if the ban is passed. I think littering and alcohol is a separate issue. They need to have more trash cans and recycling bins before making new laws.”

— CAILTIN BATCHELLER, San Marcos resident who works as an executive assistant at an area hospital

“I wouldn’t have a problem [with new parks rules] because we come here to let the kids play in the river.”

— EDITH HERNANDEZ, eight-year resident who visits to the river twice a month

“I know alcohol can cause a problem when all the college students and locals get together in the hot weather at the falls [Rio Vista]. Instead of banning all of this stuff, they should have more park ranger presence at the falls. I snorkel and I do notice a lot of litter, it’s a shame because the river is beautiful.”

— DAVE ARDY, paint contractor who moved to San Marcos for Corpus Christi five years ago

“I think its absolutely ridiculous. They are going to lose a lot of business [if the ban goes through] and it will discourage people from out of town from coming here. They should leave it be.”

— KAY McCLEAN a lifelong Hays County resident who says she spends most of every weekend at the river

“I like to come out here on my days off with my family and grill. Barbecuing is a family thing, and for me a beer or two comes with barbecuing.”

— JAMES GUIN a weekly visitor to city’s river parks

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