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  • Mar 26, 2012
  • Brad Rollins
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Sometimes it seems like pizza joints open and close in San Marcos at the rate of about one a month. But there are those who have become institutions of local taste. Help us sort through the plentiful options by taking this quick survey for the San Marcos Mercury’s Best Pizza 2012 contest.

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13 thoughts on “Take our survey: Who makes the best pizza in San Marcos?

  1. There should be an “I don’t know” option, so people can vote on only the pizza they have tried.

    Also, one of them needs an “Awesome, when they answer the phone” option. 🙂

  2. Zen’s has been a real disappointment. They started out strong but the place is filthy and they haven’t put anything back into the facility. It’s half store-room, half dining room. They had some really good pizza but now it’s hit or miss. With a little effort they could be the Home Slice of SM.

  3. One of the trailers at The Hitch, Say Cheese Pizza, serves outstanding pizza and calzones. I believe they just changed their name to Tradewinds Pizza, but they use the same recipes as Say Cheese and I can assure you that the food is as great as ever. We took a small pizza and calzone home the other night and nearly wept when we saw it was gone.

    This list is also missing Italian Garden, which makes a fine pizza as well.

    It’s not too late to add both!

  4. +1 for Italian Gsrden. I haven’t tried Say Cheese. It is a shame to miss any locals, and have to look at Papa John’s and Pizza Hut on there.

  5. Thanks for suggestions. Since the survey started, I added Pizza Classics, Pizza Hut, Italian Garden and Tradewinds Pizza at the request of respondents.

    We’re going to leave it open for a full week, until Monday, April 2, so there’s still time to point your customers to this poll, pizza proprietors. Several of these restaurants have links to this survey posted via Facebook, Twitter etc.

  6. To my understanding, Pizza Classics in San Marcos is closed… Last time I went to Alvin Ords, I was surprised to see they had expanded their dining area where Pizza Classics used to be. Am I mistaken? Or have they moved locations? I couldn’t find anything online about it. Also, I LOVE Say Cheese Pizza, but now they have new owners and the name changed. Haven’t been by since to see if the pizza is still the same.

  7. This contest will cause me to gain weight! Tried Gumby’s at lunch and it’s the best pie I’ve had in SM. Great sauce! I’ll fill out the survey when I’ve tried a few more.

  8. Thanks for adding Italian Garden and Tradewinds, Brad.

    Again, Tradewinds is the silver Airstream trailer at The Hitch (site of the old Mr. Gatti’s location at Hopkins and CM Allen). You can’t miss it — nor should you. Phenomenal pizza and calzones there.

    Brad, you may also want to consider a similar survey for the local food trailers. There’s The Hitch mentioned above, and Mimi’s, which is across from the post office. I believe there may be a couple other trailers operating on Guadalupe across from Golden Chick, just north of MLK.

  9. @MDavis, the new operator of Say Cheese (now Tradewinds) is the founder’s brother and he is using all the same recipes as the original team. In fact, the pizza and calzone we got there last week was the best we’ve had yet.

    I struck up a conversation with the new guy while we were waiting for our order last week. He mentioned that if you wanted something specific or unusual on your pizza, he’d track it down. But considering they already can make you a pizza with all the popular ingredients plus toppings like Elgin Sausage, I’d be hard pressed to come up with what’s missing.

    I prefer the name Say Cheese for the business, but that’s a nit. The food is outstanding, the crust slightly sweet, and everything tastes perfectly fresh. This is not always true of pizza joints in town.

  10. Zen’s used to win pretty easily (when they remembered to put yeast in the dough and didn’t send their driver home 2 hours before closing), but their crust is not consistent anymore.

    D’Blazio’s is good early, but the likelihood of them forgetting your pizza in the oven increases as the evening goes on. Just sayin’.

    I’ll have to check out some of the newer places…

  11. Pizza Classics is definately closed. Zens is awesome every tme, but the guy who usually works there (the one with the IPOD) is not too friendly at all. I agree that it could be the Home Slice of SM. Does anyone remember Emilios? I used to get the “Leaning Tower Special” delivered to my dorm all the time! Medium, 3 toppings, & a coke for $4.75. Couldn’t beat it! They brushed their crust with garlic & it was delicious.

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