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In her first TV commercials — which ran during college basketball games last weekend now in broader rotation in Austin and San Antonio TV markets — Texas Senate candidate Elizabeth Ames Jones says she’ll create jobs and fight “Obama bureaucrats.” She is running against State Sen. Jeff Wentworth to represent a district that includes much of Hays County.

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4 thoughts on “Ames Jones hits the airwaves with jobs ad

  1. So let’s just say that she gets elected and then her district loses jobs? Does she get the blame then? Or, does this whole politician “creating jobs” thing only work in one direction?

  2. What in the world does Obama have to do with the Texas Senate. I want a candidate that is going to deal with local issues and not represent the intrests of Alamo Heights.I have yet to hear what she will do for HAys COunty rather than fighting the demons in Washington.

  3. Target marketing soundbites and informational McNuggets. It is what works so it is exactly what we get. Cue the patriotic music, go shake some hands and smile at everyone while nodding your head in a pleasant fashion…

  4. God yes, the county is over-run with Obama bureaucrats! They’re just coming out of the woodwork. This fits the category of dumb, dumb and dumber. Can’t candidates come up with something that will help the electorate instead of jumping on that horse-whipping bandwagon. This is embarrassing and clearly the efforts of a wanta-be. Is there anybody out there that has be ability to govern wisely-can’t see it from Lake Woebegone or Camp Warnecke either.

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