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There’s the typical Western movie where the crowd gathers around a poor cowboy accused of stealing a horse. “Hang ‘em,” they scream. Some city council meetings are like this with folks like me being that cowboy.

In a recent commentary you lambasted a certain group that is against everything. That group overran me and local land owners on Sessoms Creek like it was the Alamo. Any development we might do could endanger the greenspace they might lose when they left their overbuilt pods.

So, now they are basically against beer in our parks. Didn’t we try prohibition once? They also want to ban grills in the future? What next? Flip flops?

You put it succinctly in your commentary saying “every day people don’t get a break here.”

I think it’s time they should.

San Marcos

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2 thoughts on “Letter: What’s next? Flip flops?

  1. I like the alcohol ban. I also think, as the owner of several statues comprising flip flops rescued from the river sans feet, that banning flip flops on the river is also a good idea. I also like you, Buck Schieb, and am sorry you feel personally attacked by recent politics. My actions, either about alcohol, zoning, or flip flops, are not directed at you. I think keeping the river clean is a great goal. Can you imagine swimming in the San Antonio River? We have a swimmable river, I would love to keep it that way. I appreciate what you and your family have done for this city.

  2. Hello Ida.
    Thanks for your good insight and thoughtful response. We might not agree on some things, but you certainly have my respect. Take care. Buck

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