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March 14th, 2012
Advertisement: Conley Car Wash seeks assistant manager


The assistant manager is responsible for the daily operations and profitability of the car wash facility and assists the general manager in this duty. Manages people both directly and indirectly and through Team Leaders. Manages inventory and handles customer complaints as deemed appropriate by the general manager. Assists in staffing and training for the car wash facility. Assists in scheduling for all car wash personnel. Contributes to building of team environment. Responsible for the opening and closing of the car wash on assigned days. Assists the general manager as needed and may assume some of the general manager duties in the absence of the general manger. Fluency in Spanish is desired, but not necessary. Experience in the car wash business or similar industry.

Position Requirements

Possesses the ability to multi-task, anticipate, troubleshoot and provide solutions to technical, production, employee, and customer issues. Applicant must have previous employee managing and customer service experience. Needs to be knowledgeable of OSHA and Texas Workforce Commission laws. Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and
communication through email.

Hours Worked

• 40 hours a week
• Hours of operation Monday through Saturday 8-6, Sunday 12-5
o Variables would include necessary maintenance either scheduled or not.
o Excessive cleanup and housekeeping that cannot be completed during regular hours.
o No scheduled lunch breaks or leaving the facility. Lunches are unscheduled; eat when you can and bring
your own.

Working Conditions

• Physical working environment with a large amount of repetitive motion and bending.
• Wet concrete surfaces to walk on.
• Mechanical work requires hand, and power, tool operation.

Working Environment

• Job requires working outdoors
• Hot and humid in the summer
• Cold in Winter
Focus on staffing, training and developing a team environment on an on‐going basis:
• Enforce rules and regulations
• Enforce dress code
• Manage operations and vehicle flow
• Focus on maximizing the customer’s experience and building customer relations
• Assists General Manager in maintaining employee’s focus on safety and safety procedures through on-going

Increase customer satisfaction. The measurers are:
• Increase the number of cars washed and manage volume
• Decrease the number of errors made by the production employees (quality and safety).
• Increase the positive feelings of the customers for the entire experience (friendliness).
• Increase bottom line
• Increase extra‐services purchased
• Control labor costs
• Reduce waste in chemicals and utilities

Developing skills

• Administer effective and thorough staff training
• Decrease mechanical problems and maintain equipment
• Clean, maintain, and improve facility to meet and exceed high standards
• Must be able to use Microsoft Office

Key Activities:

Customer satisfaction

• Resolve conflicts
• Customer service and establish total customer satisfaction
• Handling customer complaints and dealing with car damage issues
• Providing customer confidence through courtesy and name recognition
• Establish total customer satisfaction
• Appeasing the customer

Production Line

• Implement car wash quality standards
• Manage overall vehicle flow and production in car wash operation and monitor the wash process
• Monitor detergent, chemical use and effectiveness on an hourly basis
• Make adjustments and changes based on conditions
• Fill and maintain inventory of cleaning components
• Control utility costs wherever possible

Managing and Training Employees

• Training team leaders on how to optimize labor for ultimate efficiency
• Helping team leaders to see employee errors and how to correct the errors
• Responsible for directing employees
• Directing employees to make corrections in quality and customer service
• Coach employees on job skills
• Consistently correcting the quality
• Correcting the employee’s actions
• Monitor labor costs and adjusts crew size to compensate
Working on the equipment
• Constantly maintaining/ repairing to eliminate downtime and increase car quality
• Critiquing the facility for cleanliness and customer appeal
• Installing and modifying equipment after hours
• Interacting with maintenance staff for parts inventory and technical assistance

Office work

• Document infractions
• Document employee car washes
• Coordinate with customers on car damage situations. Negotiate with vendors for discounts
• Complete and verify the appropriate hiring and exiting documentation for employees
• Comply with all state and federal labor laws
• Process windshield repair payments with insurance companies
• Negotiate fleet contracts and process credit applications. Follow up on unpaid fleet bills

Facility Upkeep and Repair
• Constant housekeeping due to the high traffic and harsh environment
• Identifying and delegating areas in need of janitorial attention
• Providing a clean environment to impress the customers and provide a “Clean code of conduct”

To apply for this position, visit here.

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