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San Marcos police are investigating an assault at Owen Goodnight Middle School Tuesday morning in which a 13-year old was jabbed with a pen or pencil.

Two juveniles, ages 13 and 15, were detained by San Marcos Police and placed at the Hays County Juvenile Detention Center for delinquent behavior. Police are investigating whether a third juvenile might have been involved.

The 13-year boy went to a restroom around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday at the school and was followed by three youths who started punching him and one of the youths apparently jabbed him in the side with a pen or pencil.

Police have declined to comment further because the suspects involved are juveniles. KXAN Austin News published a report on its website this afternoon that quoted a San Marcos police sergeant as saying the fight was gang-related; the same report said the student was stabbed with “a silver object” but did not specify that it was pen or pencil.

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9 thoughts on “Police investigate assault at Goodnight Middle School

  1. What’s sad is that the school has had this problem for many years.( kids going to the bathroom to fight or jump someone). Now the school is saying it’s just a pencil, well it was just a fork?? If anyone remembers that incident. Remember the kid who was stabbing his mother with a fork and it was shot and killed. Pencil or not it was used as a weapon and can cause bodily injury or even death. It only takes one good puncture to the neck, eye or chest.. I wish the school would take a better handle on this situation..

  2. That is what I was thinking an item used in a violent scenario is a weapon. If it had hit an artery it could have been a different story.

  3. I have confidence that the attackers will be punished and I hope the young man heals quickly. As a parent of a Goodnight student, I want outside observers to know that Mr. Dow and the administration do an unbelievable job at that school. Safety is priority one. They have a challenging student population and it is tough to eradicate all violence, and it is a shame that the only time there is attention on the school is upon the rare outburst.

  4. every morning when i drop my both my children, there the assistant principal standing outside. Parents paid for all supplies including ID tags, why aren’t the student wearing them?? They should make the student wear them and have someone check them to make sure they belong in that school!! Parents pay for them and more!!

  5. I remember watching two kids go at it with pencils during class when I was in middle school. This was about 1974 in Wisconsin, and the teacher had gotten so fed up with these two little hoodlums that she ordered all of us students to create a circle with our desks. Then she sharpened two pencils, armed each of the boys, and ordered them to fight in the “ring” we had created with our desks. “Get it out of your system,” she told them.

    Before long there was blood everywhere, and one of the boys sustained some pretty deep stab wounds. They kept it up until one of the girls in my class, nearly hysterical after witnessing all this, threatened to run down to the office and report it all to the principal. So the teacher broke it up.

    No one ever really called the po-po on kids back then, even when they got into serious fights. But times have changed. In this case, for the better.

  6. Tarl, I find that a bone-chilling story, especially the statement that the teacher “ordered them to fight.” If your account is true, it’s a shame the teacher wasn’t imprisoned and made to pay compensation to the children’s families. The idea that such a person could have been entrusted with the care of children is frightening to contemplate.

  7. I’m not posting under my name in order to protect a teacher acquaintance. This person teaches at the middle school and has said that this incident was not reported to police by school authorities, but only later, by the hospital where the child was taken by his parents for treatment.

    Same person says the assailants are known gang members.

    If these allegations are false, I’d like our district Superintendent to say so publicly. If they are true, why weren’t the police contacted immediately, and why weren’t the assailants immediately expelled from school. ANY and ALL gang related activity no matter how “benign” should be met with zero tolerance, and a very public punishment.

    Until the district gets a backbone, my child will not set foot on a SMCISD campus.

  8. It doesn’t matter what type of ship administration runs this did happen, and more things happen every day; small things, and no one but the kids that go to school there or at other campuses that this happens at knows about it. The district has always had a tough student population that isn’t something that just happened. These types of things happened even when I was there about 15 years ago, just not as bad. I think that attention should be paid because this is where it will begin and may grow if the district and community doesn’t take action as a whole. Thank you Parent for sharing because your post may be true. We think the district has our best interest but it is really their own and how the community sees them. Unfortunately we don’t have many choices as to where to send our kids to school at in San Marcos. Wish I could afford private school in a smaller type setting for my children, I am afraid that they will fall through the cracks.

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