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De Zavala Elementary students who received bikes donated by the San Marcos Academy store through the Kiwanis Club


Eighty-four DeZavala Elementary students were honored in December by the San Marcos Kiwanis Club and other community supporters as part of the Fall 2011 Terrific Kids program.

De Zavala Elementary teachers each nominate three students for the honor, based on progress made that semester in academics, behavior, attendance, and leadership skills.

Thirty of the 84 students’ names were drawn from a hat last month to win bicycles donated by the San Marcos Academy store.

A cafeteria full of parents, grandparents, and teachers were on-hand as the students were presented with certificates and handshakes from Principal Dolores Cruz. Students then moved down a line staffed by Kiwanis volunteers who put treats into prepared bags.

According to Kiwanis member Pam Cook, the treats for the bags were provided by co-sponsors McDonald’s, Subway, Wells Fargo Bank, and Frost Bank.

When all the children were re-seated, Bill Hinchclisse, of the San Marcos Academy store, stepped to the podium to say that Academy had “adopted” De Zavala Elementary School this year, and that they were providing 30 shiny, new bicycles and helmets to the Terrific Kids of the school. PE Coach Carla Roberts and Principal Cruz read the names of 15 girls and 15 boys, who ran to the stage to accept their new bicycles and helmets. The fall 2011 De Zavala Terrific Kids inductees were:

• Kindergarten: Javier Martinez, Austin Armendarez, Trinity Sabin, Atahir L. Gaytan, Jonzo V. Martinez, Faith Patton, Cristian Calderon, Simon Gonzales, Misty Veltkamp, Jasmine Saldana, Joseph Rodriguez, Amera Villareal, Nancy Cortez, Julian Benitez, and Ruby Gonzalez.

• First Grade: Claudia Avila, Eliana Canales, Alicia Chapa, Bryce Calderon, Olivia Martinez, Ezra Jane Mendez, Melanie Bolanos, Jessica Lemus, Victor Ramirez, Eliza Lozano, Christian C. Moreno, Rosa D. Rodriguez, Chasity Garza, Tra Mendez, Stephen Wilder.

• Second Grade: Andrea Gonzalez, Ashley Lucio Jose Sandoval, DaMarcus Natal, Daniel Natal, Henry Solis, Savannah Carrero, Abram Martinez, Jose Martinez, Hector Guerrero, Luci Moran, Valerie Rivera.

• Third Grade: Monique Ledesma, Joel Martinez, Isaac Perez, Yadhira Montanez, Justin Narvaiz, Marisol Torres, Ewan Castle, Dylan Duran, Justin Kennedy, Juan Ramirez, Juan Tovar, Angel Basquez.
• Fourth Grade: Jose A. Deleon, Juan Martinez, Yolanda Solis, Ronnie Perez, Jazlie Rodriguez, Yaely Rodriguez, Cruz Gonzales, Daniel Luna, Mia Ruiz, Aaron Martinez, Denise Martinez, and Jeremiah Rodriguez.
• Fifth Grade: Fatima Arenas, Missael Contreras, Osler Victoria, Joanna Galvan, Ernesto Ortego, Gisselle Rinco, Daniel Bradfute, Sylvia Carreno, Hailey Solis, Hope Rodriguez, Ulysses Villareal, and Gloria Zuniga.

The 30 recipients of bikes were:

• Girls: Monique Ledesma, Claire Avalos, Yolanda Solis, Jazlie Rodriguez, Destiny Hernandez, Syliva Carreno, Hailey Solis, Hope Rodriguez, Gloria Zuniga, Jasmine Saldana, Ezra Jane Mendez, Eliza Lozano, Savannah Carreno, Luci Moran and Faith Patton.
• Boys: Jonzo Martinez, Victor Ramirez, Stephen Wilder, Jose Sandoval, Henry Solis, Ewan Castle, Dylan Duran, Justin Kennedy, Juan Ramirez, Daniel Luna, Jeremiah Rodriguez, Taylor Dickerson, Missael Contreras, Joel Martinez, and Aaron Martinez.

Kiwanis Club members issue the Terrific Kids awards. PHOTO by IRIS CAMPBELL

Correction: The headline has been corrected. It originally stated that 84 bikes were donated.

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One thought on “Kiwanis honor 84 DeZavala students

  1. I applaud programs like this! It gives students an incentive to improve in school and it teaches them that if they work hard, their efforts will be recognized. Let’s face it, most kids want a bike. But in this case, they have to work for it which is a great lesson for young children.

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