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Ralph Garcia, Jr.


Police obtained an arrest warrant today for 32-year-old Ralph Garcia, Jr., a San Marcos resident suspected to have burglarized storage buildings or sheds in the areas of Hopkins Street, San Antonio Street, and Farris Street.

Police had no leads or evidence in the cases until SMPD detectives and patrol officers began examining files on offenders known for those types of offenses, said SMPD Commander Penny Dunn. At about the same time, police acquired additional evidence after two victims found their stolen property.

One person whose car batteries had been stolen from his backyard found his property at Green Guy Recycling, whose staff were able to provide information to police about the seller.

Another victim, who had not filed a police report, found stolen property at a local pawn shop and then called the police. SMPD Officer Sam Myers responded to the shop, completed a theft report, and asked the store’s staff if the suspect had pawned any other items. A few other items of property were identified and a hold was placed on the items until police reports could be searched for matches to reported stolen property.

Dunn said detectives have since conducted further checks into the suspect’s pawning history at several shops. Several other items have been found with a match to at least one reported burglary.

“Additional warrants will be obtained as property items pawned are matched up with reported stolen property,” Dunn said. “Our difficulty is that some residents have talked to neighbors about property being stolen but have not reported these to police. We can only work those cases that we have been made aware of and can positively identify as stolen property through a serial number or other type of marking for identification.”

Further thefts or suspicious activity may be reported to police at (512) 753-2108, which is SMPD’s non-emergency number.

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