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Unemployment in San Marcos decreased in November and was less than the state and national average, according to recently-released figures from the Texas Workforce Commission.

The city’s unemployment rate dropped to 5.1 percent in November from 5.5 percent in October after rising as high as 6.6 percent early this summer, according to TWC. Texas’ unemployment rate in October and November was 8.0 percent and 7.5 percent, respectively. The national rate was 8.5 percent and 8.2 percent in October and November, respectively.

San Marcos monthly unemployment rates (not seasonally adjusted):

2010 San Marcos 2011 San Marcos % diff over
previous month
January 6.0 percent  6.1 percent  0.8%
February 5.6 percent 5.8 percent 0.3%
March 5.7 percemt  5.5 percent 0.3%
April 5.4 percent 5.2 percent 0.3%
May 5.4 percent  5.2 percent No change
June  6.4 percent  6.6 percent 1.4%
July  6.2 percent  6.4 percent 0.2%
August  5.9 percent  6.0 percent 0.4%
September  5.4 percent  5.9 percent 0.1%
October  5.3 percent  5.5 percent 0.4%
November  5.5 percent  5.1 percent 0.4%
December  5.3 percent

SOURCE: Texas Workforce Commission

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8 thoughts on “San Marcos unemployment falls again — 5.1 percent

  1. Hi Ted,

    The unemployment rate from TWC is based on a survey of households and on unemployment claims, among other sources. Survey respondents are considered unemployed who report they have no job but are available and looking for work, according to an economist I talked to today from the U.S. Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau partners with TWC to produce the unemployment rate and other figures.


  2. I understand that. That’s not what I asked.

    Comparing our unemployment rate to the national rate, when the majority of our working citizens are only employed part time, seems a bit disingenuous.

    So, I am still curious how our full-time employment rate compares to the state and the country.

  3. This report, at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicates that in addition to the 8.6% unemployed nationally, 5.5% are employed part-time, due to economic conditions.

    That’s about 14% unemployed or underemployed (by hours, not by job type, which is another matter). What is our number for part-time employees? It seems like it was well over half.

  4. Ted, Apparently the part-time information is not available at the state level and below. At least, there is no option for it that I can find on TRACER, the Texas Workforce Commission’s labor market data hub.

  5. Don’t know where these numbers come from but using 100 as a baseline, this implies that unemployment has dropped t0 70.87% of starting total. Typical misuse of information but for what purpose.

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