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Place 3 Runoff

Early/Absentee Election Day Votes* Total Votes
Terry Nichols
516 335 851
John Thomaides 684 345 1029
*15 of 15 boxes reported

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12 thoughts on “Election 2011: Thomaides wins city council runoff

  1. Went to vote around 5:45 at the Fish Hatchery…I was only voter #102…we should be ashamed of ourselves people, don’t you realize that throughout the bulk of human history only the elites were allowed much of a say in how they were governed? And that we are lucky and blessed to be afforded the privilege? It really discourages me that so many of my fellow citizens choose to neglect their responsibility…that being said, I am very proud of my town for the turnout at the P&Z meeting. This is the way a democratic republic is supposed to work. Opinions stated on both sides, everyone respectful (and despite the “rumors” no one was threatened) and the will of the people being expressed quite vigorously. I left before the voting occurred so I don’t know what happened, but I wish we would have more of the population paying such attention (regardless of their opinion) on a regular basis…for the political experiment that is our country to work we need a public dialogue…it kills me that we get it on such an infrequent basis

  2. Whew! Kudos to John for sticking with it, despite the fact that his opponent was backed by developers, realtors, property managers, etc.

    We received two separate calls today urging us to vote for Terry Nichols because “we support the mayor and the mayor needs his help.”

    To do what, exactly? Build apartments over Sessom Creek?

    Good luck, John. And thanks for continuing to work for San Marcos.

  3. @Danny Jackson what “false accusations” would those be? As Romney says I bet you $10,000 you wont answer this question

  4. The mailer from Nichols said accusation of…”John weakened a tax relief proposal for seniors and disabled citizens by stripping 15K out of the homestead exemption” If you read the minutes, that is not the way it happened.

  5. As if we needed evidence from the comments, thus returns one of the most polarizing characters in local politics. Congratulations. Here is hoping that he is willing to serve the city without regard for himself and shows the judgment and restraint one might expect of a leader.

  6. First- I agree with Kevin.. It is pathetic that people claim to love San Marcos, yet when it comes to choosing city leaders, you leave it in the hands of an extremely small number of citizens. I am disgusted with the citizens of this “community”. It’s just easier to bitch I guess. Second- Let’s not point fingers about false accusations. I think that John’s flyers were a whole lot uglier that anything that the other camp came out with. Not only that, the lies that were spread by JT supporters were over the top. Good Luck San Marcos, you are going to need it. That is if JT doesn’t quit for the next bigger thing, As for me, I am selling my house and moving out of the city.

  7. It is my hope and prayer, after meeting with JT at my home the Saturday before election day, that we as concerned citizens will have a voice in the halls of city hall. More to come in the 2012 elections hopefully:-) Jaimy L. Breihan

  8. Good luck John. I’m glad that the city has the good sense to have the metal detectors and security in front of the court room and not at city hall.

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