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Winners of Goodnight Geo Bee, left to right: Felix Aguon (1st), Renee Brown (2nd), Carl Ahrens and Tay Alexander (tied for 3rd). PHOTO via SMCISD


Goodnight Middle School student Felix Aguon won first place in his school’s “geographic bee.”

Aguon advances to the competition’s next level, which is a written exam to determine the state competitors. Should Aguon perform exceptionally on the written exam, Aguon will become one of the state finalists and then compete to be the state winner. State winners will compete in Washington, D.C. in May. The winner will receive $25,000, said SMCISD spokesperson Iris Campbell.

The National Geographic Bee, for students in grades four-eight, is in its 24th year and involves thousands of schools across the United States and in the five U.S. territories, as well as in Department of Defense Dependents’ Schools around the world, Campbell said. The competition is sponsored by the the National Geographic Society.

Goodnight Middle School student Renee Brown won second place, and students Carl Ahrens and Tay Alexandere tied for 3rd place in the school’s competition.

Goodnight qualifiers for the school finals, left to right: First Row: Michael Favela, Carl Ahrens, Tay Alexander, Renee Brown, and Felix Aguon. Second row: Elijah Perez, Hannah Ethridge, Asia Cunningham, Claire Barnes, Pauline Tealer. Third row: Rebekah Martinez, Jocelyn Payan, Claire Mireles, Brady Chapman, Gus Bates, Brandon McLaughlin. Fourth row: William Hutchison, Lous Vasquez, and Miguel Ibarra. PHOTO via SMCISD

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