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San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens presents a letter of appreciation to Jeff Wilson, an air traffic controller at the San Marcos Municipal Airport. PHOTO by TREY HATT


San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens honored air traffic controllers Jeff Wilson and Tim Dinnean for their actions during the Sept. 24-26 wildfire in the 2000 block of Post Road.

The fire, which burned about 25 acres and threatened livestock and 50 homes, was extinguished via a multi-agency response that involved dozens of personnel, several fire engines, three bulldozers and at least five types of aircraft (including a DC-10). Two homes and about six people were evacuated due to the fires.

“Your relay of a pilot’s report of a large smoke plume in the area of Post Road to the 9-1-1 dispatchers set off a chain of events that saved lives and homes,” said Stephens in a letter to Dinnean and Wilson.

Pilot and downtown businessman Scott Gregson spotted the fire.

The Post Road fire on Sept. 24. PHOTO by SCOTT GREGSON

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2 thoughts on “Fire department honors air traffic controllers

  1. It’s beautiful to hear good news about air traffic controllers doing well on the job and going beyond the call of duty. We hear about a lot of errors made by controllers these days but not too many being honored for their excellent work. Job well done Jeff Wilson & Tim Dinnean!! You are to be commended.

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