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EDITOR’s NOTE: These maps take a precinct-by-precinct look at Tuesday’s San Marcos City Council election results. Consistently one of the top vote getters in San Marcos politics for the last decade, John Thomaides won all but one of the city’s numerically significant boxes, putting him far ahead of rival Terry Nichols going into the Dec. 13 runoff. Nichols came in at second place across the city, with the exception of Precinct 315, which he won, and two other precincts where he came in second. Hooper lost even his home territory, Precinct 332.

Meanwhile, Chris Jones won six boxes — but they were all eastside, southside and the Texas State campus boxes which historically have smaller turnout. For example, Jones won 69.5 percent in his largest margin box, Precinct 114, but that consisted of only 82 total votes. By contrast, Wayne Becak’s strongest returns were in Precinct 315 where he won 73.5 percent of 253 voters. With 37.5 percent of registered voters casting ballots, Precinct 315 (the Willow Creek subdivision) saw by far the heaviest turnout in the city, as it always does. Precinct 334 — Texas State campus proper — had the lowest turnout at 2.9 percent. In Precinct 336, where opponents of the Retreat apartment complex are crowing about their contribution to Jones’ defeat, only 11.7 percent of voters cast ballots placing it fifth in total turnout.

CORRECTION: This story should have said that Hooper was the second place candidate in one, not two, precincts, 112 and 334.

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3 thoughts on “Map: San Marcos City Council election

  1. I’d love to see an article about why Victory Gardens keeps getting their box moved to Dunbar every so often during city races. There is much rich history in that polling location. I bet this sure effected the voter turnout of citizens who are used to WALKING to the polling location. Best, LMC

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