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Place 3

Early/Absentee Election Day Votes*  Total Votes
Nicholas Cubides 76  34  110
John Thomaides  500  447 947
Toby Hooper  187  184  371
Terry Nichols 334 376  712

Place 4

Early/Absentee Election Day Votes*  Total Votes
Wayne Becak  570  572 1,142
Chris Jones  519 451 970
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6 thoughts on “Election 2011: Final, unofficial San Marcos results

  1. These are NOT the “all boxes reported/final official.” The boxes are still coming in as I just spoke with Hays County Elections Office.

    Also, please note the pdf online says 32 of 37 of the pcts have been counted. These are the EXACT data figures being reported above as “final.” Please remove “Final Unofficial.” Thank you, LM Coppoletta

  2. Lisa, there are still boxes out elsewhere in Hays County but these results are final, unofficial for the 12 San Marcos precincts in which voters cast votes.

  3. Candidates: Becak Jones Nichols Thomaides Hooper Cubides
    % Raised: 35% 13% 30% 12% 6% 4%

    Total Raised by all candidates: $40,148.00

    Sometimes in American politics there appears to be a direct correlation between fundraising and the possibility of winning an election.

    Sometimes Americans vote for the underdog. That would be Thomaides in this financial spreadsheet.

    Sometimes Americans vote for the most qualified candidate.

    Good luck in the runoff, Thomaides, you have our vote!

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