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Front row, left to right: Mayor Guerrero, Stuart Hoyt, Charlene Wood, Renee’ Sample, Don Arledge. Back row, left to right: Mike Wood, Council Member Shane Scott, Gary Tucker and Phillip Steed. PHOTO by DON ANDERS


San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero honored Hays County Crime Stoppers, Inc. recently for their crime fighting efforts.

Tips forwarded by Hays County Crime Stoppers have resulted in 554 arrests, 604 offenses cleared, $191,000 in stolen property recovered, and $12 million in seized narcotics. Tipsters received awards totaling $63,000.

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4 thoughts on “Hays County Crime Stoppers honored

  1. In would like to know why the Mercury does not report on the fact that several defendants in local criminal trials have been found “not guilty” by our local juries in the past several months. Chris Thurlkill was just found not guilty in a case that took over three years to complete. If you are going to report on arrests and Crimestoppers why don’t you report the news that often people are falsely accused and have endure years of hardship fighting charges that simply should not have been brought.

  2. Hayes County District Attorney office is only out to do the political thing. Those slanted D.A. “public servants” have done every thing they could do to destroy Chris Thurlkill. These same people are only interested in their careers, not justice. Especially the one ADA Kathy_____.If anyone of these public servants needs to loose their position in the Hayes Co. D.A. Office it’s this person.

  3. I would still like to know why neither the Mercury nor Crimestpppers will publish the fact that many people are falsley accused and thereafter aquited in the Hays County. Chris Thurlkil is but one example. I really think some one needs to respond to this, perhaps even Crime Stoppers as Chris has had his life ruined and derseves some type of recompense.

  4. What Mr. Sergei is saying holds a lot of truth. Crime stoppers should look at the crime that the Hayes Co. D.A.’s office has done to a young man who only wanted to support his step kids since their natural father never paid the mother the child support he was ordered to pay by the “court system”. The same court system that came after Chris Thurlkill, the stepfather that worked so hard to support these kids. The ADA Kathy ______ sought fit to destroy Chris’s life just because she felt she could. Like it was a right that the D.A.’s have. Well Ms. Kathy you have are proven wrong and you should be brought up on criminal charges by crime stoppers. And you should pay atonement to Chris Thurlkill and his young family for the dastardly deed that you brought upon this young man.

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