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San Marcos police officers Kassondra Lysek waits for ambulance arrive to pick up Kyle Lavelle, a 36 year old Garden Ridge man injured during a brawl early Friday. Lavelle was taken to the hospital for a severe facial fracture. A second injured man refused treatment. PHOTO by SEAN BATURA.

San Marcos police officer Kassondra Lysek waits for an ambulance to arrive to pick up Kyle Lavelle, a 36-year-old Garden Ridge man injured during a brawl early Friday. Lavelle was taken to the hospital for a severe facial fracture. A second injured man refused treatment. PHOTO by SEAN BATURA.


A post-bar closing brawl that a witness said involved seven or eight people left one man hospitalized and injured another Thursday night in downtown San Marcos.

The fight, which broke out a little before 2:30 a.m. Friday, left pools of blood on the sidewalk in front of Vodka Street Bistro on North LBJ Drive and Hopkins Street.

San Marcos police Cmdr. Penny Dunn said police are investigating the incident and declined to discuss details.

A woman who described herself as a bystander, San Marcos resident Tracy Alford, said she witnessed four males leave a bar and start a fight with strangers for no apparent reason.

“Somehow they all started talking shit to each other,” Alford said.

Alford said more people joined in the fight, which eventually included about seven or eight males. Nearby females kept back to avoid being struck.

Alford said her two male friends, Chaz and Kyle, became involved when they attempted to stop the fight. Alford declined to offer their last names, though police identified 36-year-old Kyle Lavelle of Garden Ridge.

“My friends were hit first and then they hit back,” Alford said. “It was a mess. Everyone jumped in, everyone jumped on top of each other. It was bloody, there was blood on the sidewalk.”

Alford said Lavelle was “kicked in the head multiple times.” Lavelle was placed in a stretcher and loaded onto an ambulance. Dunn said he suffered a facial fracture, his orbital bone, and lacerations.

Another male whose face was also bloodied, though not nearly as bad as Lavelle’s, departed the scene with companions under his own power after being questioned by police and refusing treatment by EMS. Police identified him as 21-year-old Mohammed Atry from Sugarland.

In an unrelated brawl last week, Dunn said two men were injured, one with severe head injuries.

“I am concerned about the level of violence seen in these incidents. All have involved young men fighting or assaulting a person after an exchange of words. They break-out quickly and most witnesses and the offenders have left the area by the time police arrive on-scene,” Dunn said.

No arrests have been made in either the incident on Thursday or the one last week.

Dunn said fights that start as “mutual combat” involving lesser offenses can escalate into aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, a second degree felony.

“The fight turns into a beating and assault when one of the combatants is down,” Dunn said. “Often the person is unconscious, and the offender continues to violently hit, kick, and stomp on the person down.”

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2 thoughts on “Brawl leaves blood on downtown San Marcos street

  1. Alcohol + bravado x stupidity = what happened here. It’s simple math.

    Surely the po-po can piece together who is responsible based on credit card receipts from the bar where the four attackers had been drinking. I’m surprised, too, that there aren’t a dozen cell phone videos of this fight already posted on YouTube.

    And don’t you love how the eyewitness is perfectly comfortable swearing in recounting the incident to the press?

    People just don’t know how to behave anymore.

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