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August 12th, 2011
Saturday benefit to raise money for paralyzed dachshund


A benefit concert to raise money for the spinal rehabilitation of Ziggy, a local paralyzed dachshund, will occur Saturday at Tantra Coffeehouse in San Marcos.

Ziggy C 292x212

Ziggy, in better days

Ziggy’s benefit concert will feature the live digital artwork of San Marcos resident Topher Sipes and musical performances by Austin-based Halaska, Jessica Quazi of Austin, and Faith Delphi of San Antonio.

Ziggy’s owner, San Marcos resident Kellen Stanley, said the four-year-old dachshund suddenly became paralyzed in May. Doctors diagnosed Ziggy with Canine Intervertebral Disk Disease, a common ailment among her breed. Stanley said doctors assured her Ziggy is guaranteed to walk again with appropriate — though expensive — therapy.

Stanley and her boyfriend, San Marcos resident Barry Walker, organized the event, which is known as Ziggy Starfest and the Benefit from Mars. The benefit will be at 9 p.m. and the cover charge is $5, all of which will go to Ziggy’s Walkabout Fund.

“During my performance, I’ll be projecting a live, digital painting onto the stage and onto Kellen Stanley as she poses in Ziggy Stardust era costume,” Sipes said. “I’ll be creating the visuals on a digital drawing tablet while David Bowie’s album, Ziggy Stardust, is played as inspirational audio.”

Sipes is a local illustrator, designer and digital performance artist who also happens to drive glass bottom boats at Aquarena Center.

Quazi’s performances feature skillful, layered looping, and Delphi accompanies her exceptional voice with deft accordion playing.

Halaksa features four musicians who use fast, swirling rhythms and combine genres such as jazz, progressive rock, and heavy metal. The band uses guitars, drums, bass, and trumpet.

“Sometimes you may think of (bands such as) Godspeed You Black Emperor or Explosions in the Sky when you hear us, but instead of drawing things out with long swells, we bring it to you quick, and then, just as you are getting into it, cut you off and throw you in another direction,” said Halaska bass player Michael Lentz.

David Bowie-themed attire is encouraged for Ziggy Starfest and the Benefit from Mars, but not required.

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One thought on “Saturday benefit to raise money for paralyzed dachshund

  1. It is wonderful that something is being done to help Ziggy recover from IVDD. It looks like Ziggy is in good hands. I have three dachshunds that have had IVDD. A good site to research is, a website dedicated to dachshunds & other breeds with IVDD. Good Luck Ziggy!

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