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August 4th, 2011
Real Estate: Week of 08/03/11

A sampling of current listings for homes for sale in the Oak Heights neighborhood in San Marcos and the Spring Branch subdivision in Kyle.

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One thought on “Real Estate: Week of 08/03/11

  1. Why is the only thing in the business section real estate? Hasn’t this town done enough for this industry? Check out what the housing industry has done for Kyle or ask Buda. I’m sick of lazy economics, housing does not equal jobs nor growth. Cut the crap and stop with rhetoric and lets start getting creative instead of spending all our time approving new developments… If you want to approve developments make sure it isn’t apartments or these junky homes that keep popping up, do what we can to make sure the inhabitants will be community members not Austin commuters. Quick idea maybe at least try to sanction grey water systems and/or green housing at the expense of the developers this allows for higher value houses and allows us to somewhat dictate the type of community active members we want here, it will also allow for us to get more out of water/waste water facilities (some studies over 50%) and higher tax revenues from those moving here. Doing the right thing CAN be economical. Sorry for the rant but I grew up in Buda/Kyle and would hate to see another Hill Country Gem go to poop with nothing to show for it. Let me know how many of the developers go back after these cheap subdivisions go to crap and renew it back to its natural state, or spruce it up once it becomes a drain on the local economy?All this when there are not any facts to prove this industry provides anything!!!!

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