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August 3rd, 2011
San Marcos council snuffs out public smoking ban


San Marcos Councilmember Chris Jones on Aug. 2, speaking of his opposition to the proposed non-binding referendum on public smoking. PHOTO by SEAN BATURA


In a surprise turnabout, San Marcos city councilmembers voted 4-3 against asking November general election voters whether the city should ban smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places.

On July 5, five out of seven councilmembers expressed support for — or did not speak out against — a non-binding ballot proposition on public smoking and authorized city staff to hold public meetings and develop ballot language for the proposition. But by Tuesday, councilmembers Chris Jones and Shane Scott said they were convinced that the proposed ban shouldn’t go forward this year for a range of reasons that include fears a ban would hurt businesses during an recession.

Responding to Mayor Daniel Guerrero’s assertion that adverse affects on business would be temporary at worst, Jones said, “We’re in a down economy. Accepting a four month hurt is not something that I, as one council member, am willing to do.”

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2 thoughts on “San Marcos council snuffs out public smoking ban

  1. “Thomason said five out of the eight bar owners with whom he spoke wanted smoking to be illegal in their establishments.”

    Then ban it! You have the right to refuse service to anyone.

  2. Why doesn’t the City worry about fixing the messed up streets they screwed up when doing all these road construction sites. And why don’t they ban parking out on Robbie Lane-Hell the students have all that space to park on either side of Bob Cat Stadium to park-I WALKED TO CAMPUS AND MY CLASSES when I went to Southwest Texas State University-And I PAID for my PARKING PERMIT TOO!!-Stop voting to making this place into a Little COMMUNIST RULE/Or SOCIALIST STATE-SMOKING BAN SHOULD BE UP TO ESTABLISHMENT NOT THE CITY !!

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