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August 2nd, 2011
CMTC issues phone scam warning


Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) said it is not associated with recent phone calls that involve a caller who speaks of a prize to be won if one dials a different number and agrees to pay a small fee.

CTMC advises those who receive such calls to refrain from offering financial information or personal data. The hospital counsels residents not to dial the number offered by the caller, who claims to be with CTMC.

“Given the economic challenges so many are facing today, we’d hate to have anyone think that they are helping to support our healthcare ministry when, in fact, they are being misled and taken advantage of,” said CTMC Administrative Director of Public Relations and Marketing Clay DeStefano.

Those who receive a call from someone believed to be a telephone scam artist may report the incident to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission here.

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3 thoughts on “CMTC issues phone scam warning

  1. I am assmuing a disgruntled smoking former employee of CTRC is behind this? Anyway if you call one of those numbers that says that, hangup and callback and record it. Then when the phone bill arrives take a copy of the tape along with a copy of your telephone bill to the Attorney General’s Office, make another copy to the Phone Company’s Corporate Office and deduct it from you bill. DISABLE AUTOPAY! Pay Manually. The phone company is required by federal and state law to remove those charges, if they don’t take their butts to small claims court.
    Whola Problem solved!!

  2. i think Will has a very good suggestion but i don’t want to risk it. unfortunately, i don’t have money to spare for extra charges. i got like a total of 6 calls already and they’re as annoying as the first time.

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