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August 2nd, 2011
Breaking news: San Marcos City Council shoots down non-binding smoking referendum


On Tuesday night, San Marcos city councilmembers voted 4-3 against placing a question on the November ballot that would have asked voters whether the city should adopt an ordinance further restricting smoking in public places.

In legal terms, the question would have been a non-binding ballot proposition. Being non-binding, the proposition could not have become law upon voter approval. Had the non-binding ballot proposition been approved, the city would have sought further public input in the crafting of an ordinance — which would have likely banned smoking in at least bars and restaurants in the city.

San Marcos Councilmembers Jude Prather, Fred Terry, Chris Jones, and Shane Scott cast the votes against putting the non-binding referendum on the November ballot.

Further details regarding the council’s deliberation on the matter will be forthcoming.

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6 thoughts on “Breaking news: San Marcos City Council shoots down non-binding smoking referendum

  1. Good for Jude, Fred, Chris and Shane. Thanks for understanding PRIVATE property rights. That said, I hope bars and restaurants were listening and will ban or discourage smoking inside.

  2. No one cares who you do or don’t vote for Dano, The fact is that you still have a right to vote, and when your done not voting for those guys, you still have the right light one up in areas already there,.

  3. I would understand a non-smoking law/rule in family oriented places such as Restaurants, but adult style (21+ bars) entertainment places, seems kind of ironic to not allow smoking… I think it should be up to the property owners, but maybe a non smoking bar would serve certain city patrons better? I could see the idea as more of a perk then a burden on the business owner (if they choose to ban smoking in their establishment). To each his own.

  4. Most people who visit the bars and restaurants downtown hate that smoking is allowed. We (majority of people, nonsmkers) do not hate it enough to stay home, or to cancel engagements with friends over it, so we still go, and people who smoke, and business owners take this as an endorsement of their smoking policy.

    We go about our lives, despising the 1/15 people in the bar at the time smoking, for forcing us to breathe in their toxic smoke because they have such a terrible and disgusting habit that is so addicting they need to cause the possible premature death of the person next to them, rather than take it outside.

    I have noticed a steady decline in the number of people visiting the bars downtown over the last 5-6 years. Meanwhile, Austin cannot open enough (smokefree) bars to meet their demand.

    Fresh air is not private property. If you open your doors and let in the public… and the clean air, you should not have the right to destroy either.

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