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July 19th, 2011
Four men charged in connection with brutal assault on Texas State student

UPDATE 12:57 a.m. Saturday AUGUST 20:

Jenkins is alive and still recovering from his severe injuries, said San Marcos Police Department Commander Penny L. Dunn last week.


After almost two months of searching, San Marcos police say they found two men who severely beat a 22-year-old Texas State student at Hillside Ranch Apartments.

The male victim, Stephen Jenkins, sustained extensive facial injuries as a result of the assault. Emergency services personnel transported the victim to Brackenridge Hospital, where an initial medical evaluation revealed multiple facial fractures.

Police charged 23-year-old Jeffrey Werland and 20-year-old Joshua Hoelscher with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury. Both men are from Columbus and Werland is a Texas State student.

In connection with the same incident, police also charged 22-year-old Aaron Cable and 23-year-old Corey Peikert with giving false reports to a police officer. Cable and Peikert are also from Columbus, and Cable is a Texas State student.

Hoelscher and Werland are alleged to have been among five males who confronted the victim in the parking lot of Hillside Ranch, which is located at 1350 North LBJ Drive on April 8 at approximately 3:15 a.m. Jenkins and the five males allegedly exchanged harsh words, and one man allegedly punched Jenkins. The blow knocked Jenkins unconscious, and the men allegedly proceeded to kick him several times in the face and body. The five men allegedly then fled on foot.

San Marcos Police Department Commander Penny L. Dunn said the five men did not know Jenkins. Dunn said there is “no specific information” that indicates drug or alcohol intoxication was a factor in the crime. Dunn said Jenkins sustained severe facial fractures that required extensive reconstructive surgery. Dunn said police will not release what was said between the suspects and Jenkins, in order to protect the integrity of the criminal case.

(Assistant Editor’s note: The above has been revised to indicate the name of the victim, Stephen Jenkins.)

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16 thoughts on “Four men charged in connection with brutal assault on Texas State student

  1. I wonder what this guy did to get beat up? He must have really upset someone. I believe there are two sides to every story. It appears we are only hearing one side. Where does this information come from? Are both parties interviewed and questioned about the situation? Seems to me there are a lot of missing pieces to this story, and it’s unfortunate that something like this is ran in the paper and only protects one side of the stories name??? Poor guys, their reps are ruined and we don’t even know what truly happened that night. From my life experience if you get beatup you played a part in that. What was this Jenkins part in the “crime”? We can’t place blame on others for the decisions that we make. I wonder what this Jenkins background looks like? Is this his first “rodeo”? Is he known for fighting or instigating fights? I wonder how many times he has gotten away with beating someone’s face and they never pressed charges???
    The positive in the situation, it was a fist fight. No weapons involved and everyone’s alive.

  2. @ Katherine, did you actually read this article? Guess you didn’t see the words kicked in the face, so you’re believing it was a fist fight? Tell me what is a fair fight? I would say 1 on 1, not 2 on 1, kicking someone in the face when he’s unconscious, where eye sockets, nose, cheek bones and numerous others bones were shattered and had to have major reconstructive surgery. Then you talk about your life experience, you must be young, there are people who get beat up for no reason at all, it happens all the time. So if “Jenkins” died of a blood clot that went to his brain or had brain damage, would he have ruined these young mens reputation? We are all responsible for our actions. They ruined their own reputation.

  3. Seriously Katherine…5 guys against one? They don’t transport to Brackenridge unless the victim is being taken to the nearest county trauma center! Those guys sound like cowards kicking him in the face after he fell unconcious! Harsh words or not, does not give anyone the right to bash on someone to the point that they have multiple facial fractures requiring facial reconstructive surgery! You say rodeo? I say roundup and throw the frickin key away! Maybe, all of them have a reputaion. Do the math! TEXAS needs stronger laws to get these kind of crazies off the streets so they can’t do it again!

  4. In the article allegedly is written before each statement.
    Represented as existing or as being as described but not so proved; supposed. al ·leg ed·ly ( -l j d-l ) adv. …

    Robin you sure do know the medical report of this kid……hummmm…..that doesn’t appear to be in the article….aren’t medical records confidential????

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    You two sure are getting bent out of shape over my questions to the article. I’m questioning the articles integrity, don’t you know that the downfall of this country is our media? Nothing is private and most things you hear aren’t true.
    I promise it’s okay for me to ask questions regarding the case, intelligent people ask questions and look for both sides of every story so they won’t look like an idiot in the end. We have to change our beliefs and behaviors to be able to grow and change in life.

  5. And it only says that two guys are being charged with assault not five so…..I think I have done my math 🙂
    Sorry, but this is how screwed up our media is….”reality tv stars” get into fights and hurt people and tv and media glamorize it. And we keep watching it and it gets the most views on YouTube so on and so forth. These are videoed documentary of crimes where we can see the truth with our own eyes and take sides. And since it’s proven one side usually has to fork over tons of money to keep it out of court an to get charges dropped.
    You read an alleged story in “San Marcos” and you already have your mind made up of who was right and who was wrong.
    Please open your minds just a little bit.
    In the end only God can judge.

  6. The article stated five guys confronted one person? So, only two guys get arrested? Something is wrong with this picture! Read this sentence again, ” The blow knocked Jenkins unconscious, and the men allegedly proceeded to kick him several times in the face and body. The five men allegedly then fled on foot.”
    If they fled from the scene…I wonder how they got caught? Sounds like there is more to this story!
    You say innocent till proven guilty? Sounds to me like the others will prove they’re guilty!
    I’m tired of seeing all these sick, vicious people in the news media get away with crimes!
    You do the crime, you do the time!

  7. Heard over the weekend that Jenkins passed away, is that true? I believe that assault was caught on camera. Also a couple of the young men from Columbus have been in trouble with the law before, not sure about Jenkins. So yes there is a lot more to this story, so please don’t judge either side. Really breaks my heart because I know some of these young men, now their life has be changed forever. I pray for all the young men and their families. May God give everyone the strength to get thru this horrible situation.

  8. According to SMPD Commander Penny Dunn, Mr. Jenkins is alive and “still recovering from his severe injuries.”

  9. Katherine, I can appreciate your questioning the media story here. But, as someone who has been covering this for many months this year, let me give you a few more “insights” and thoughts.

    This occurred in February / March in the parking lot of a multi-family apartment complex, just doors away from young children and grandparents, in a fairly nice apartment complex, in a “good” part of town. No one wanted to come forward and speak up. The city and county put out a “crime-stoppers” alert when they were unable to get any witness to come forward, and they did not have enough evidence to make any arrests. The apartment complex did not want to scare anyone, or get involved, so a local group of citizens distributed copies of the “crime-stoppers” alert and talked with the neighbors, asking them to go to the police with any information. All that we talked to were very shocked and concerned. The father spoke out publicly asking for information, and I interviewed him on We The People.
    We do not know why the break finally came in June, but someone finally “talked” (false statements). Since those charges have not been pursued, I can conjecture that one of the group is getting immunity to speak against the others in the group / gang. The trial is in two months, so then we will know more.
    The young man is recovering, and those accused of the violence are back at the University taking classes.

    Now, I hope that you are not so jaded and conditioned to violence that kicking a person down on the ground, in the face, can be justified. And you are worried about their “reps” when they could not give correct information to the police? If your life experience says that a poerson who gets beat up “played a part in it”, there is some serious therapy needed in your future. Does that apply to domestic violence between a man and a women, or just to a gang of five men against one young man?
    I hope you are never in this situation in our community. I hope you do not become a victim, and have to read someone in an online blog question wether you did something to “deserve it”. Look over at these young men from Columbus, if you go to the University, and ask if this is how they handle things there. maybe they will tell you their side of the story, to protect their “reps” and can share it here. Sorry, but personally, I could care less about their “reps”. Have them come forward with their side of the story. They had months to do it. I just look forward to seeing them look this young man with a permanently scarred face look them in the eye as they are charged with felony aggravated assault. We in San Marcos should be fair, but definitely intolerant of this kind of public behavior.

  10. Stephen is alive and after several face surgeries doing well. NO thanks to the legal system…… Just got off the phone with his mom. Katherien, go to H*&^. He was hit blind sided, and beat by 4 guys. Only 2 have been arrested due to the others giving info and opting out on deals. All because they did’nt like the lime green shirt he was wearing.

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