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April 27th, 2011
Carter calls Cobb un-Christian in scathing letter


Former Pct. 2 Commissioner Susie Carter tore into County Judge Bert Cobb, a fellow Republican, in a scathing letter the judge read in commissioners court last week.


“As a conservative candidate, you campaigned on a platform of stopping the SPENDING. As a Christian, your are (sic) also charged with telling the truth. However, your unwillingness to hold Prompt Public hearings to even discuss the SPENDING UPON WHICH YOU AND THE COMM. COURT ARE PROCEEDING AS IF YOU ARE JEFF BARTON shows that you were apparently not sincere in your campaign and your witness,” Carter wrote in the e-mail which she sent in the wee morning hours of April 12.

Carter, a Uhland area resident, is apparently upset at the court’s ongoing capital improvement programs including a $207 million package of road improvements approved by voters in 2008. She specifically singled out a widening of the Old Bastrop Highway in the San Marcos area and the county’s exploration of making a bid to buy the Lower Colorado River Authority’s West Travis County Water System, which serves more than 10,000 residents in high-growth northern Hays County.

“It is imperative that you stop the spending on such unnecessary boondoggle projects like Old Bastrop Highway by pulling the agenda item for ROW now – and do not commit the whole county to correct the poor judgement of LCRA by causing the county to pay for the water line that could instead be bought by the City of Dripping Springs or the people in the area that is served,” said Carter, a leader of a group calling itself the Hays County Citizens’ Budget Project.

The group’s frontman, Sam Brannon, has called for a moratorium on all capital improvement projects including the widening of FM 1626 between FM 2770 and the Travis County line and the realignment of FM 150 E in Kyle to access the Center Street interstate overpass.


» Carter’s letter to Cobb [pdf]

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6 thoughts on “Carter calls Cobb un-Christian in scathing letter

  1. I for one am pleasantly surprised at how well the Court is working with Judge Cobb and with out Mrs Carter. Her shrill voice is certainly not missed by most thoughtful people. Ibthought that we would have learned a long time ago that we need structured froth not uninhibited growth nor as it seems Mrs Carter wants…. No growth.

  2. Brad… As you know, I and 80 other Hays County residents have called for a moratorium on all projects, all right-of-way purchases, all hiring and raises UNTIL the county holds Public Hearings on the debt, spending and taxes. Did you mean to rile up the locals by leaving off the “until” part? That’s bad form for a reporter.

    Old Bastrop Highway is a boondoggle, as I’ve documented on the Hays County RoundUp. Hays County faces $357 million in debt by next March 15th, not including any new projects, and the Commissioners have already promised a tax rate increase for 2012. The timing is bad for boondoggles.

    As for Ms. Carter’s letter to Judge Cobb, and his reading it in court…
    1) I share Ms. Carter’s frustration with the court, and with Judge Cobb in particular. I much prefer Candidate Cobb.
    2) Judge Cobb did not help himself by reading this in court. It seemed very petty from an elected official, and I’m guessing that most in attendance (without their hand out) agreed with Ms. Carter.
    3) I was not aware that a County Judge could make Public Comment without leaving his chair and stepping to the podium. I hope he has someone advising him on protocol.

    Stick to the youth sports and high school news. The Mercury / Free Press have no credibility in the political realm.

  3. Judge Cobb will say most anything if it suits his purposes. Two weeks ago one of his constituents sent him an email regarding Hays County’s debt, and in his response to her, he told her that “Sam Brannon is in violation of a court order” to produce documents to the commissioners, as if there is a warrant out for my arrest. Everything about that statement is a lie, and Judge Cobb should know better.

    Personally, its between him and his God. As County Judge, he makes his life harder every time he deviates from the truth.

  4. I think it’s good that the Judge read this ridiculous email in court, just to show the idiotic measures that this group will go to. Readers of the Hays Roundup also tend to enjoy reading The Onion. In other words, anything you read there has to be taken with a grain of salt. You made need to own stock in a salt dome though, if you are going to read it often.

  5. If you can remember back,,,a while: Suzie Carter was the commissioner who always voted against everything. That way she didn’t have to accept responsibility for anything, whether good or bad. It’s all on the minutes and videos on the Hays Co Website, if you want to go see it 2008 and prior years.
    And regarding Hays County taxes: are they really that high? They are the lowest of all the major taxing jurisdictions in my tax statement that I got in the mail today.

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