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April 13th, 2011
Letter: You can make a difference


I hear many times that people are frustrated with our local government, and comment that “you just can’t make a difference”. It may take a while, but citizens working with city council, city staff, and developers can affect the impact of a project.

A little over two years ago, I posted a picture and letter to the editor of the congestion on Hunter Road, at the location that all of the traffic from the new Purgatory Creek development would be exiting.

There was long debate at the Planning and Zoning Board, as well as at council. Although many of us did not agree with the tactics used to get this development permitted and approved, the deadlines were extended, and the developers finally got past a crash in the commercial credit market to get this project started. Through this process Larry Peel and Associates agreed to modifications to their plan to restrict access to a smaller portion of the community exiting to Hunter Road, and agreed to pay for and build turn lanes, and other safety modifications. These modifications would not have been made if it were not for the citizens of our community raising the concerns for traffic safety at this location.

As this construction has progressed over this last year, I have watched to make sure that the agreements with the citizens were kept.

I am glad to be able to share with you a picture of the modifications and new turn lanes on Hunter Road, performed at the developers expense, that adhere to all the promises made to our city. Along with the bypass of traffic on the Wonder World extension, this should help to save lives and property over the coming years as residents move into this new community.

Not all sides got what they initially were asking for. But, with the perseverance of the citizens, our elected officials working to have the concerns addressed, and good faith from the developer in keeping his word, we have a new, safer, look for this section of Hunter Road.
You can make a difference.

San Marcos

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