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February 16th, 2011
Crockett Principal Rick LaBuhn attempts to kiss pig


Wiggles and Principal Rick LaBuhn stand by poster of the Valentine’s Day event at Crockett Elementary School.


Crockett Elementary School Principal Rick LaBuhn had an unusual Valentine’s Day date with a pig named Wiggles.

LaBuhn told the students at Crockett that in celebration of the Crockett Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) raising more than $300 at a recent fundraiser, he would “kiss a pig.” The “kiss” attempt took place in the afternoon in front of a full assembly of 600 students.

Wiiggles and his handler arrived and LaBuhn made every effort to secure the pig for a smooch, but Wiggles, it seemed, wasn’t having any of it. LaBuhn was even wearing a pig snout and ears, but Wiggles was still shy of a kiss. After several “battles” with the coy pig, LaBuhn had to give up.

The event surely amused the students, showed LaBuhn to be a good sport and caused no romantic cross-species public displays of affection. Wiggles could not be reached for comment.


LaBuhn struggles with kiss-shy Wiggles, the pig.


A battle-weary LaBuhn gives it one more try.


LaBuhn’s spirit is willing but the pig is not.

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