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February 9th, 2011
Grupo Fantasma honored with key to the city

Jose Galeano, percussion player and singer, performs with Grupo Fantasma in San Marcos on Saturday. The Grammy-nominated group includes four Texas State University alumni. PHOTOS by AUSTIN HUMPHREYS/UNIVERSITY STAR


San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero presented Grupo Fantasma with a key to the city during the Latin funk orchestra’s performance on Saturday at Bar One41.

The group, which counts four Texas State University alumni among its member, is nominated for a Grammy award in the Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album. It is their second Grammy nomination.

Guerrero honored Grupo Fantasma for returning regularly to play San Marcos even though they typically play larger venues in larger cities.

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10 thoughts on “Grupo Fantasma honored with key to the city

  1. Man dats sum BS!!! If ANY band deserves a key to the city why NOT a LOCAL BAND…say FunkOTron or Aces in the Hole…Brown Nose’er…so phar NOT impressed with our new Mayor…

  2. San Martian, why dont you ask yourself this, Why didn’t the mayor that was around when Ace in the Hole was playing regularly give them the key to the city?

  3. Winchester, “Guerrero honored Grupo Fantasma for returning regularly to play San Marcos even though they typically play larger venues in larger cities”, When’s the last time George Strait came back to play cheatham street, strahan coliseum, civic center etc??? I guess he’s to big for San Marcos now since he doesn’t come back “regularly”. See I think that was the point of giving it to Grupo Fantasma. I’m more of a fan of George Straits myself but that’s not the point here. Again, why don’t you ask the mayor at the time why didn’t he or she give one to George Strait when they were mayor? Who knows GS may have already been presented with this honor.

    Thank you

  4. Personally it’s not as bad as Michael Vick getting the key to Dallas, but it’s all pretty pointless.

    Kodo didn’t get the key to the city, nor Terry Allen, nor a host of other acts.

    Terri Hendrix I believe actually won a Grammy for writin Lil Jack Slade.

  5. Casual Reader, I get your point. How about some of the acts who have done our concerts in the park for so long, like Two Tons of Steel (who also played Cheatham Street the night after they played the ACL festival).

    I think Terri Hendrix also plays here fairly regularly.

    I don’t keep track of the keys to the city, so maybe these folks already got them. It would be interesting, especially with Austin getting so big and so generic (IMO), to see if we couldn’t build on our budding reputation as the new cool place to be, by doing more to recognize the artists who help make our city great.

  6. BTW, these guys are really good.

    George Strait is in a class by himself. The number of artists in any genre, in a lifetime, who hit that level of success, is miniscule. That does not diminish the others who have ties to San Marcos. We should enjoy and celebrate them all.

  7. Blue October
    Robbie and the Robots
    Randy Rogers

    Hell, Stevie Ray Vaughan was a regular here, when he was getting started.

    Certainly a) there is plenty to celebrate (and promote) about the San Marcos music scene and b) talking about great music is more enjoyable than fighting over a tragic shooting.

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