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February 8th, 2011
San Marcos CISD elementaries celebrate 100 days of school


Travis Elementary School kindergarten teachers dressed as 100-year-old grannies to the delight of the students for the 100-day celebration.


One hundred days of school are now completed , as of Feb. 3, for the 2010-2011 school year. San Marcos CISD schools traditionally celebrate the day with activities. The 100th day of school was festive at San Marcos CSID’s elementary school campuses, with face painting, fun and fancy hats and costumes.

At Travis Elementary School, the kindergarten teachers dressed as 100-year-old grannies. The students were delighted by the amusing costumes.

Mendez Elementary School featured face painting, fun and fancy hats for the day.

Hernandez Elementary School Instructional Assistant Emily McKeever made a sign “Spreading Positivity One Plus Sign At a Time” featuring 100-plus signs. She said it was to encourage people to be positive no matter what.


Mendez Elementary first grader Angela Song, right, “faces” 100 days of school with friend, left, Esperanza Duran.

020711angeldorianMendez first graders Angelena Weedon and Dorian Contreras sport their fancy 100-days hats.

020711chapakinderMartha Chapa’s kindergarten class at Mendez Elementary having fun with their hats at the 100 days celebration.


Hernandez Elementary Instructional Assistant Emily McKeever displays her 100-plus sign positivity sign.

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