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February 5th, 2011
Travis fifth grader named student of the month


San Marcos CISD’s  February Student of the Month Robby Pardo, center, poses with Superintendent Patty Shafer, left, and Travis Elementary Principal Nikki Konecki, right.


Robby Pardo, a Travis Elementary School fifth grader, is the San Marcos  CISD Student of the Month for February.  Superintendent Patty Shafer met with Pardo and his family in the Travis front office to bestow the honor and certificate.

“From about 7,500 students in our district, you were chosen as an example of excellence for the community,” Shafer said to Pardo.

Pardo garnered accolades from the school staff, as well.

Travis Elementary School secretary Diana Guerrero said, ““Robby is courageous, kindhearted, and compassionate to others. He is responsible and loved by his peers.”

Nikki Konecki, Travis Elementary’s principal, said that Pardo is a very happy boy with a great attitude.

Said Pardo’s classroom teacher, Martha Colon, “Robby is an extraordinary individual. He is self-confident, patient, compassionate, and also has a wonderful sense of humor. He is well-liked by students and teachers alike. He is courageous in facing all challenges that come his way.”

Pardo said that his favorite subject is math. While he is already the pitcher for a baseball team in Austin, he said he would like to play football someday. Pardo took third place at the Travis Elementary Geography Bee in January.

Much of the Pardo family was present when Pardo received his honor, including his parents Irma and Robby Pardo, his grandparents Carmen and Robert Pardo, and his younger brother Jonathan.


Robby Pardo, center, stands with his family after receiving the Student of the Month honor.

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