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February 1st, 2011
Freshman takes top honors at speech and debate tournament


Members of the San Marcos High School speech and debate team give “thumbs up” to their victory at the Round Rock tourney. Left to right: Jenny McGinty, Cameron Herber, Frankie Torres, Devon Von Miller.


San Marcos High School’s speech and debate team  had a successful day at the Round Rock High School Academic Invitational last week.

Freshman Jenny McGinty, took home the tournament championship.

“Last year, Frankie (Torres) set the bar pretty high for freshman success, having made it to state,”  said the team’s coach, CJ Odam. “But Jenny is certainly following in those footsteps.”

Other winners include freshman Devon Von Miller with his 3-2 record and appearance in the quarter final round. Junior Cameron Herber made it to the finals.

Sophomore Frankie Torres placed fifth overall in the tournament in extemporaneous speaking. The category involves an assigned topic selected at random, a short time to prepare remarks and a short speech on the subject. Torres spoke on the Australian Prime Minister, investment in alternative energies and violence on the borders.

The team will have its district starters in place as it gears up for the National Forensic League District Championships at the end of February and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) District Tournament in early April.

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2 thoughts on “Freshman takes top honors at speech and debate tournament

  1. How about some real information on what Jenny and these kids did? A tournament champion and we don’t even know what she competed in. At any rate, I wish all these youngsters and the program well. I’m sure the program could use more support from the school and the community.
    I learned much more than knowledge and how not to sound like a hick from Hermleigh, Texas, from my speech coach Maridel Fryar, in Midland. Self confidence, organization, and presentation apply to pretty much everything I do well, and I thank her for instilling in me how important these skills are.

  2. This program didn’t bother taking names last year, they were too busy kicking peoples tails. Sounds like they are off to a good start. Best wishes to Coach Odam and the team.

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