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January 31st, 2011
Letter: Emergency? Yes. Voter ID? No.


As Texans reel from the disclosure that our state is facing a $27 billion budget shortfall — which threatens to have significant consequences for our children, their families, and our state for generations to come — Gov. Rick Perry and his allies are busy trying to distract folks from the real issues. They’re saying that Voter ID is the real emergency item the legislature has to deal with.

That’s just plain hogwash! Voter ID is not an emergency. The real emergency is the threat of $10 billion in cuts to public education and the ability of Texas to remain competitive, offer opportunity, reclaim lost jobs, and create new ones. Passing Voter ID won’t fix the budget. It won’t stop 100,000 teachers from being let go and it won’t prevent our elders from being kicked out of nursing homes.

Voter ID addresses only one kind of fraud – voter impersonation. This is a virtually non-existent problem, as Attorney General Greg Abbott demonstrated when he failed to prosecute even one case of voter impersonation after spending $1.4 million taxpayer dollars on a voter-fraud goose chase in 2006.

When he was sworn in last week, Gov. Rick Perry talked about Texas’ economic success compared to other states. What he didn’t mention is the fact that Texas’ budget situation is worse than New York’s and about as bad as California’s. He didn’t mention that Texas’ unemployment rate, although slightly below the national figure, has almost doubled in the last three years, from 4.2 percent at the end of 2007 to 8.2 percent last November.

Yes, Texas is facing an emergency. It’s just too bad some of our leaders don’t seem to understand what it is or that they could have helped to avoid it. We can do better, and we must.

San Marcos
Chair, Hays County Democratic Party

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13 thoughts on “Letter: Emergency? Yes. Voter ID? No.

  1. The solution is so simple the Lege will never see. When you first receive a driver’s license, if you are 18 or older, you are automatically registered to vote; it’s one and the same document. Same thing for any type of State issued ID. One less thing to carry, it’s got a photo on it, you are supposed to change it when you move so that issue is resolved. But it’s just too easy.

  2. I completely agree. Voter ID is not a big deal. You already needed to show either your DL or your Voter registration, which you’re supposed to put your DL or state ID # on. If you don’t have either I think you have to justify it.

    I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s not an issue in TX. If it was, republicans would not have had this much control for almost 20 years. If illegal immigrants are voting democrat, they’ve been doing a horrible job.

  3. What’s wrong Jon? You didn’t know that the real crisis in Texas is the possibility that the Texas “population” is disappearing? Yes, Texas has a “population” problem…the “population” numbers are diminishing to the point of extinction. “Population” may not be openly considered in this latest batch of new legislation but Gov. Perry is doing what he can to take care of it.

    For example, we have to stop abortion of any kind, even at the risk of women and girls’ rights, health and well-being in general. Like Gov. Perry pointed out it’s not like Roe vs. Wade wasn’t “shameful” in the first place and besides women haven’t had the vote that long, not like men anyways. Just look at the statistics. White teenagers (under age 20) account for ONLY about 68% of all adolescent births and 52% of births to unmarried mothers. Some 74% of women who had intercourse before age 14 and 60% of those who had sex before age 15 report having had sex involuntarily. Oops, wrong statistics. Here they are: Change in Texas Teen Birth Rates by Race/Ethnicity shows Non-Hispanic Whites decreased to -32% from 1990-2008 while only down -7% amongst Hispanics – more evidence of the “population” decrease and why we need to keep our “borders” tight. You noticed how I skipped the part about increased teenage birthrates amongst Hispanics and how that doesn’t contribute to the argument about increasing the right type of “population?” That’s why Gov. Perry needs to do everything he can to seal and defend our borders.

    Gov. Perry would agree that the lack of “population” is the reason we have a huge deficit/budget problem at all; too many of the wrong type of population on the dole. These top two emergency items of doing something to get rid of the wrong type of population and increasing the preferred “population” should take care of it.

    Some people say that Gov. Perry and all his supporters are nothing but a bunch of white-collar, grifter-type, White men and their mindless, religious-induced, female and non-white slaves working the long con on Texans but is that really the case? He has quoted the 10th Amendment inappropriate ways and clearly said he opposes the oppressive nature of big government (Federal not Texas government) while accepting and using big government money in good ways. He has consistently tried to influence everyone in big government and Texas government to decrease funding in education, health, welfare and other harmful, useless and waste laden programs. While at the same time he is pro 2nd Amendment, pro business (no illegal workers) and these decisions to seal and defend our borders by requiring a Voter ID and increasing the “population” through ending abortions are evidence of not only his commitment to the safety and longevity of the Texas “population” but evidence of his consistency in bringing Texas to where it is today.

    It may not be your fault that you do not have good insider information, so, in the spirit of bi-partisanship, I agree with you whole-heartedly.

  4. By law the legislature cannot vote on anything the first 60 days of session. By labeling something an emergency it allows them to vote on that item in the first 60 days. It doesn’t necessarily make it a priority, it just gives them something to get out of the way early.

  5. “what he didn’t mention is the fact that Texas’ budget situation is worse than New York’s and abot as bad as California”

    First, let us at least get the facts straight. New York and California have budget deficits. We are talking about money they owe now. Texas has a budget shortfall. The comptroler has estimated that if all spending abd tax revenue stays the same over the upcoming two years Texas will be $27 billion short. This is not money Texas owes now.

  6. Larry, please don’t tell me that you believe the accounting process that the Lege uses would pass muster anywhere in the world other than in the Texas lege.

  7. Voter fraud is a problem if happens just once. The only ones that are against voter Id, are democrats. The libs obviously have something to hide.

  8. I voted Dem last time around – after being a Republican all of my adult life. I expect I’ll vote Dem again in 2012 – after the crap I’ve been hearing from Mitch Mconnell(sp?) and his friends. But I have no problem with the voter ID proposal.

  9. Well brs I’m married to an election judge who in all their years never had a suspected case of that type of voter fraud; moving and not changing yes, but not using another name etc. And if AG Abbott had found one he would have been in front of the TV cameras so fast your head would still look like Linda Blair’s.

  10. I totally agree. Others have tried to ram through other identity related matters like the used of RFID in border speed passes as a matter of emergency. They should look at Egypt as the result of abusing the emergency status for authoritarian rule.

  11. Any vote fraud that DOES take place is probably republican fraud. If the democrats were engaging in fraud you’d think they’d have used it in the last 12 years to win at least ONE statewide office.

    I’m neutral on it. I just think it’s stupid to make it a priority when it’s clearly not a problem.

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