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January 5th, 2011
Library to offer free Spanish classes


The San Marcos Public Library, 625 East Hopkins Street, will offer both beginning and intermediate Spanish classes on Tuesdays beginning on Jan. 18. There will be volunteers teaching morning, afternoon and evening classes. The public is invited to register, the classes are free.

The library will try to offer more evening sessions if volunteers can be found to teach the classes. Those wishing to volunteer may call the library or stop by to offer their services.

To register for a Spanish class or to volunteer to teach one, call the library at (512) 393-8200.

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7 thoughts on “Library to offer free Spanish classes

  1. IMO- A great idea for “Spanish” speaking parents to learn academic Spanish to speak in the homes. This will greatly help their children in the bilingual program at school.

  2. There are free English classes offered here in town, and I believe some are held at the library. It certainly can’t hurt any of the rest of us to learn proper Spanish though,can it?

    SamD has the right idea too – As an example,
    In the 1920’s my first generation, Italian-American grandfather (who spoke what was probably dialect at home) took Italian grammar classes at his public high school in NY state. His command of TWO languages later led to a posting with IBM in Italy, and the start of a long, successful career as an IBM engineer.

    Sadly, mistakenly, he and my italian born grandmother did not raise their 2 sons as bilingual due to prejudice against Italians during WWII. What a loss for them!

  3. The library offers free English and GED classes year round. New English students can register at 6:30pm on either Monday, January 10 or Wednesday, January 12. Questions? Call 512-393-8215.

  4. It’s great at the library always offer service to improve our live, some people don’t really have the way to afford those programs. I am a working mom, and my schedule depends a lot for the daycare hours. I will like to know it is possible the library offer those classes early in the week mond, tuesday, wednes, thursday or friday before 4:00 pm ???? thank you for the information

  5. English classes are offered at different times during the week – days, afternoons and evenings. For complete information call the Learning Center office at the San Marcos Public Library at 393-8215.

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