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December 30th, 2010
Mendez Elementary School participates in National Geography Bee


Jacob Vasquez won first place and the chance to go on to further competition in Mendez Elementary School’s National Geography Bee finals. Photos by Brenda Butler.


Students at Mendez Elementary recently participated in the National Geography Bee at the school to determine a winner to go on to further competition in the contest.

All fourth and fifth graders took a preliminary geography test. The top 50 scores went on to the school’s final competition. Each round of the contest eliminated more students until there was a top finalist

The winner was Jacob Vasquez, who will now move on to take the next exam to see if he will qualify for state competition.

The second place finalist was Luke Merchant. The remaining top five students include Jacob Pettigrew, Prodencio Calderon and Anthony Jiminez.


Left to right: Second place winner Luke Merchant and first place winner Jacob Vasquez divide the world between them.


The top five finalists pose with the globe. Left to right: Jacob Vasquez, Jacob Pettigrew, Prodencio Calderon, Anthony Jiminez, and Luke Merchant.

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