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December 22nd, 2010
SMEF 'Surprize Patrol' awards grants

122010bowiegrBowie Elementary School recipients of a grant underwritten by the Texas Pioneer Foundation hold their big check.


San Marcos CISD schools recently received early Christmas presents as the San Marcos Education Foundation (SMEF) awarded grants, some of which were supported by businesses and organizations in the San Marcos area. The SMEF “Suprize Patrol” distributed the grants before the Christmas break.

Bowie Elementary School received a grant from the Texas Pioneer Foundation for a project, “Storyville,” submitted by Librarian Vickie Partin and Assistant Principle Pam Thomas.

A science grant was awarded to Goodnight Middle School for a “Nature At Work” project to improve the pond area for experiments. The grant was underwritten by KBR.

Hernandez Elementary School earned three grants and Mendez Elementary School received one. The project at Mendez Elementary, “Outdoor Adventure in Science” was funded by SMEF and Embassy Suites.  The grant was awarded by Tom Pugh of Embassy Suites.

Phoenix Academy received a grant from A+ Federal Credit Union for its “Prep For All” Project. The grant was awarded by Lisa Delgado.

122010gngrantRepresentatives from Goodnight Middle School pose with the SMEF “Prize Patrol.”

122010herngrantHernandez Elementary recipients hold their three grant checks.

122010mengrantMendez Elementary staff pose with SMEF’s “Prize Patrol” and Tom Pugh of Embassy Suites.

122010phoengrantThe Phoenix Academy’s  “Prep for All” grant, sponsored by A+ Federal Credit Union, was presented by Lisa Delgado.

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