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November 22nd, 2010
California man indicted in 1975 San Marcos murder


Sheryl Ann Norris, left, and Willie Roy Jenkins, right.


A Hays County grand jury indicted a 57-year old California man last Friday in a 35-year-old murder case in San Marcos.

San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) Chief Howard Williams and Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe announced Monday morning that Willie Roy Jenkins was incarcerated in Fresno, CA, last week for the Nov. 24, 1975, murder of 20-year-old Sheryl Ann Norris. District Judge Charles Ramsay set bond at $1 million.

“The San Marcos Police never gave up in their investigation of this case,” Williams said. “Recent advances in DNA technology led us to this suspect and his subsequent indictment and arrest.”

Norris, a Florida native, was a 20-year old secretary at the Texas Crime Prevention Institute at Southwest Texas State University, now Texas State, when she was sexually assaulted and murdered in her apartment on Nov. 24, 1975.

“This indictment is the result of remarkable dedication and determination by numerous members of the San Marcos Police Department over the years,” said Tibbe. “Today is the first step towards justice that is long overdue.”

The original investigation was conducted by the SMPD and Texas Rangers. SMPD Commander Penny Dunn, Sgt. Fred Wisener and Cpl. Scott Johnson, and retired Cpl. Stuart Ellis have worked on the case in recent years. Other officers assisting in the investigation were Sgt. Kelly Earnest, Cpl. Sandra Spriegel and evidence technician Modelle Gibson.

Assistant Attorney General Lisa Tanner will assist Tibbe in the prosecution of the case.

Tibbe and Tanner presented the case to the grand jury last Friday. Following deliberations, the grand jury indicted Jenkins on one count of capital murder. An arrest warrant was issued following the indictment.

Extradition proceedings have been started with state assistance to bring Jenkins from California to San Marcos for trial.

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3 thoughts on “California man indicted in 1975 San Marcos murder

  1. Great job and dedication SMPD! I am sure the family is happy to finally have a step towards closure.

  2. Great Job SMPD !!!

    Many people have wondered about this for years and years.

    This is definitely one for “Cold Case Files” !!!!

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