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November 10th, 2010
Firing upheld in arbitration for Kyle ex-policer officer


Kyle Police Department (KPD) ex-Officer Karl Cranek’s indefinite suspension given in March of this year was upheld by an independent hearing examiner, who conducted an arbitration hearing in August.

Cranek was indefinitely suspended by KPD Chief Michael Blake. An indefinite suspension under civil service rules is the equivalent of termination for employees.

Cranek’s termination for incompetance and neglect of duty involved his release of a 14-year old child into the custody of an alleged sexual predator. Cranek filed an appeal for an arbitration hearing in an attempt to have the suspension reduced or overturned.

Dustin Paul McFall, the adult defendant in the matter, is pending trial in Hays County on two counts of Sexual Assault on a Child.

Hearing Examiner Chuck Miller ruled that there was just cause for Cranek’s indefinite suspension.

“The lapse of judgment made by Cranek is not only a serious lapse for a police officer; it shows an inability to make proper judgments by a police officer,” said Miller. “Pedophilia, aside from its criminal repercussions, is seriously looked upon now in our society.”

Said Miller, “Common knowledge of minors being victim of this malady … has raised public awareness and cause revulsion of pedophilia and a heightened demand by the citizenry that children be protected from being victimized.”

Said Blake, “The outcome of this appeal is undoubtedly unfortunate for the ex-officer and his family, but that being said, law enforcement professionals are entrusted by the public to perform their duties with a high degree of professional competency.  As police chief, my role is to see that police personnel perform to that high standard.”

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