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Daniel Guerrero is all smiles after realizing Tuesday night that he had won election as mayor of San Marcos. Photos by Andy Sevilla.

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Despite a difficult week during which his campaign was tarnished by newspaper reports that he was dishonest with voters, Daniel Guerrero still came from behind on Election Day to defeat Councilmember John Thomaides and win election as mayor of San Marcos.

Guerrero, 33, beat Thomaides by a mere 41 votes, 3,460 to 3,419. Guerrero actually was behind when the early votes and absentee ballots were counted, with Thomaides being named on 2,217 of those ballots, compared with 2,159 for Guerrero.

But Guerrero stormed back on Election Day, during which he claimed 52 percent of the vote. Guerrero was the choice on 1,301 Election Day ballots, while 1,202 voted for Thomaides on Tuesday.

Said Guerrero to his supporters as he claimed victory at his Tuesday night rally, “Everyone has been saying since yesterday, ‘You got it, you got it, you got it,’ and you see those (election) numbers come in and you start getting worried, but the thing that motivated me the most today, and there was just a sense of calm throughout the last week, and despite all the anger and hate that you saw that was being cast out, everyone kept saying ‘We’re praying for you, we’re praying for you. I had so many groups tell me, ‘Our entire church is praying for you.’ I had friends in Kuwait that were praying for me. It’s been an awesome experience, and it’s because of each and every one of you. And I will do my very best to serve. And I can tell you right now, I’m going to need your help, big time. Because, first of all, I don’t know everything, I’m very dependent in making sure that I have good people around me all the time.”

Guerrero’s win ended a suspenseful night, as the lead switched back and forth with every announcement of precinct boxes being added in to the totals. With one box remaining, Thomaides held a lead of 85 votes. But that box was Precinct 113 on the south side of the city. But Guerrero smashed Thomaides at that box, 235-109, and Guerrero claimed victory at the finish line.

Guerrero attributed his success to prayer, and to the help, love, and support of family and friends.

“I’m very happy,” Guerrero said. “I’m very pleased. There was a lot of hard work, and I’m just pleased with the community coming out and really making sure that their voice was heard.”

Guerrero said he has no hard feelings after a bruising campaign. The mayoral campaign, at times, took on a negative approach, but Guerrero said there are no hard feelings.

“John and I have always had a good relationship,” Guerrero said. “I don’t think that changes. I think it’s just a matter of being able to understand that we have differences, we have different skills that we bring, different experiences, and know that we’re not always going to agree, but we have to at least acknowledge that we’re trying to work towards the same goal. I think John and I will continue to do that. And our community will continue to be able to move forward and serve the needs of San Marcos … I thank (Thomaides). He ran a great race. I will need to continue working with him. I still consider him a great friend, and I’ve learned a lot from John Thomaides, for years. I value his friendship and I will continue to work with him.”

Thomaides could not be reached for comment.

Guerrero was joined by three other candidates supported by outgoing Mayor Susan Narvaiz to seat a city council that stands to be virtually unanimous in its support of sprawling development.

Incumbent Councilmember Kim Porterfield defeated 2008 mayoral candidate David Newman, winning 3,250 votes, 52.77 percent. Porterfield claimed only 51.1 percent of the early vote, then put a 54-46 thumping on her challenger in Election Day voting.

“I’m very humbled and appreciative of my family, the people that volunteered to help with my campaign, and the citizens of San Marcos that have reelected me to continue the forward progress for all of San Marcos,” Porterfield said. “… I can tell you that I’ve learned a lot in the last three years. I’ve tried to be a good listener. I’ve tried to make decisions with the best knowledge that I’ve had to benefit the entire community, with a special emphasis on supporting education and responsible growth.”

Though Porterfield and Newman agreed on hardly any city issues, each said they appreciated the issue-oriented tone of the campaign.

“I’m disappointed in the results of the race, but I do acknowledge the outcome and I wish Kim Porterfield the best,” Newman said. “I think she ran a good race. I ran a good race, as well. I do believe I gave it my best effort. I commend her for keeping it above board, and I tried to do the same — no personal attacks — and address the issues rather than anything other than that. I wish her the best. We all live in the same city and we can make San Marcos a better place to live and keep it the city that we all love and cherish.”

Said Porterfield, “I wish (Newman) well. And I also appreciate that our campaign, our race, was about the issues and we both took the high road.”

Keeping close in line with early voting numbers and Election Day totals, Planning and Zoning Commissioner Jude Prather defeated hospital administrator Toby Hooper for the seat being vacated by retiring Councilmember Gaylord Bose.

Of the total 5,790 votes cast in the race, Prather attained 3,006 votes (51.92 percent), while Hooper had a smaller showing with 2,784 votes (48.08 percent). Hooper rallied slightly on Election Day after Prather claimed 52.53 percent of the early vote.

Prather was unable to enjoy the victory. He said on his Facebook page that he was in Arlington Tuesday night as his mother entered the final stages of her fight with cancer.

Shane Scott received the most comfortable win, taking 3,205 votes (54.60 percent) of the 5,870 votes cast in that race, while Rodney Van Oudekerke received 2,665 votes (45.40 percent). Like Guerrero and Porterfield, Scott improved his totals on Election Day, when he claimed 56 percent of the vote.

Scott said he appreciates the city and its residents. He said he enjoyed meeting a lot of people during the campaign and will always be available to all San Marcos residents who wish to speak with him. Scott joked that he left his card with his real phone number on the doors of about half of the city’s residents and said he welcomes dialogue with constituents.

“I want to thank (Van Oudekerke),” Scott said. “I thought he was a very, very admirable opponent. I felt that he brought a lot of historical elements to the community and felt like he’s an asset to the community and really wanted to stay involved and continue giving to this community, and he has my ear. I will definitely support any ideas he throws at me … We ran a very clean race. We started off as friends and we’re going to end off as friends, and I think that’s how races should be done in San Marcos.”

The city will host a formal reception on Nov. 15 to swear in the city council victors.


Victorious San Marcos City Council incumbent Kim Porterfield, left, embraces mayoral winner Daniel Guerrero, right, Tuesday night.

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30 thoughts on “Despite bad publicity, Guerrero surges to win on Election Day

  1. Funny how Guerrero now complains about “all the anger and hate that you saw that was being cast out.” It was his campaign doing the casting, until finally, in the week before election day, the Thomaides campaign had to set the record straight with its own response. It makes one wonder what the result would have been had Guerrero not resorted to lies and distortions about his opponent.

    Congratulations to Jude, Kim and Shane for showing that it’s possible to run positive races and still be elected.

  2. Shane ran a positive campaign by not even answering any questions! Really surprised he won. I guess the council wins show that the posters here on SMLN are not necessarily representative of the majority of San Marcos.

  3. Praying this, praying that…it’s not very honest to campaign so negatively against your opponent and then give credit to “prayer” as a major contribution to your win. It seems really hypocritical to run a campaign like that and still claim that you are man of God.

  4. “Guerrero was joined by three other candidates supported by outgoing Mayor Susan Narvaiz to seat a city council that stands to be virtually unanimous in its support of sprawling development.”

    Andy, I am disappointed by this comment. Come on, man, give them a chance before you try to shoe horn them into a certain position. You may very well be right in the future but I certainly don’t think it is a reporter’s job to predict the future with such statements. It shows your bias, in my opinion. I am sick of the media’s opinions, please just stick to the facts when reporting the news.

  5. Eric, if you’d of attended the CONA debates you would’ve come to the same conclusion. That was one of the most apparent differences between these new council members and their opponents.

  6. So somehow we managed to elect one candidate to Council that blew off the campaign process almost completely and a Mayor who ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in recent memory.

    Enjoy your new lemon(s), San Marcos….

  7. @ Leah- exactly.
    You can’t be walkin’ with Jesus when your political philosophy is to throw our environment’s health ‘under the bus’
    for economic gain for an elite few.
    Jesus, I’m pretty sure, would want us to protect our environment while providing for all the people. He would want us to respect our neighbors and protect our children’s future- land/water/air.
    very depressing.

  8. Environmental issues aside, it’s just plain wrong to bash someone like that and then pretend to have God on your side.

    Maybe his prayers went something like, “Dear God, please let me win, even though my campaign spent a good chunk of money slandering my component. Please hear the prayers of all the other people praying for my immoral gain in this election race, and make me mayor, so that I can ‘serve’ the people of San Marcos.”

    If he really wanted to get ahead and prove that he will serve the people of San Marcos, why couldn’t that money be spent doing something good and positive?

  9. Wow you guys sure are sour. I am not real fond of some of the winners either but I am at least willing to give them a chance to prove themselves one way or another, just like I did Obummer.

  10. Hmmm… methinks the old adage reference not letting the door hit a certain body part on your way out may be appropriate for multiple disenchanted folks here… I hear Kyle, Lockhart, and Seguin are pretty nice. The people (majority) have spoken … it’s apparent you’re not them, no matter how highly you think of yourselves.

  11. The adage of the door hitting you in the rear on the way out should be for those who actually think Guerrero may do something positive for San Marcos. As a small business owner in SM and one of the individuals who has dealt with our former mayor personally, Guerrero was always in her back pocket..he couldnt fit in the front pockets becuase the developers hands were in those.. Guerrero=more apts, more food chains, no solid business infrastructure. This kills me as a long time resident with family roots since the 50’s. This is going to be painful…

  12. It doesnt matter if you win by 1 vote or 1000 votes…. Winning is winning. Why are only the sour people commenting negative comments. John and Daniel both get along why we all do the same.

  13. Here in these comments I read some of the very anger and hate Mr Guerrero mentioned. Those comments have been here all along. Could it be that is what he is talking about? I am truly amazed at some of the unabashed hate posted here. Come on people. We all want the best for San Marcos. We won’t always agree on what that is, but let’s give these individuals a chance before shoe horning them (good analogy) with others. Obviously there are some common goals that the voters seem to support time after time in the elections. People can be like minded without being puppets. I certainly do not agree with all candidates in the party I primarily vote for because I am an individual. I know also that the people I vote for and get in office will not always please me with every decision.

    Let’s be ONE San Marcos and move forward. Disagree when we need to to champion our causes, but work together like adults at all times.

  14. And how did giving Obama a chance work out exactly? Oh yeah….

    The thing about a skunk is that know it’s only a matter of time until it stinks the place up. And we just filled our local electorate with skunks.

  15. Why is it that so few of the miniscule body of readers who post to this and other local sites fear exposing your names? Thanks, Chris, and this might be the only time I appreciate you for anything, yet I could be proven wrong in that. The rest of you are just chicken.

  16. @Bill Haney
    A name, hmmm. I’ve posted as duwbsduwbs for a while now and the reason would probably be that you will see me at the grocery store &/ in our river’s parks. If you have spoken to me -you should know how I write. You have heard me loud and clearly throughout our lovely community. Yet, freedom of speech is not as free as we would like it to be. I love serving on boards and in the community alike. Although things that I post may not serve everyone well. I am not a chicken or coward. Nor am I not willing to give my real name. I will compromise. I will lend good words and you should think about what is really in a name. I believe that earnest words should only cause you to question/ponder. The name is not as important as the observation…

  17. As long as you’re not a troll it shouldn’t matter if you use your real name. What possible difference would it make to you? When I retire I may consider using my real name but until then I don’t relish the idea that my employer knows how much time I waste influencing the opinions of the 17 people who read these posts. I encourage anonymous posting since it allows posters to be more forthcoming than they otherwise might be.

  18. It’s just easier to take cheap shots at people under an assumed name. But I understand exactly why people can’t post under their name. I know a couple of people just want to keep their jobs.

    I think we should have a Poster Party. All “17” of us could get together and have a Shiner and some pizza and look one another in the eye. I’ve found, recently even, that when you get to know someone from the other side of an issue or philosophy, you can find some common ground. At the very least you get to know more about what makes a person “tick”. It doesn’t mean minds are changed, but it helps.
    We have some very challenging days ahead here in SM. It would be nice to see some compromise on the important issues instead of the “all or nothing”, “my way or your fired” ways of the current Mayor and Council.
    But mostly, I’m weary from being so damned angry.
    Anyway, I’d be happy to host a little get together here at my “comfy nook on Prospect St.” across the street from the “comfy green space around my home”. That goes for you too, Homey.

  19. I have probably learned more from the “cheap shots” people have taken at me than from all the well-meaning and diplomatically delivered advice combined. Call it tough love.

  20. I thought we’d beaten this dead horse to an unrecognizable pulp some time back Mr. Haney (if in fact that’s your real name, we have only your word ot go on that) [and yes that’s bait, don’t go for it] I’ve been known by the nickname I post here under in SM for quite possably more years than you’ve lived in SM, so it’s not like I’m hiding a whole lot. Could have used Mark Twain or Poor Richard, but I didn’t.

    Ms. North, I appreciate the offer of hospitality, but it’s going to take more than pizza and a Shiner to get me out of my holler west of town. Shake off the anger, it only wears a body down.

    Going to go get my tibetian bowl now.

  21. how about martinis and nice steak? ; )
    your tibetian bowl would make a nice vessel for dip. just sayin’…

  22. Bob, couldn’t agree more, the cheap shots reveal more of one’s character than the kind words. Now I have to go put on Rockpile.

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