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November 3rd, 2010
ACC loses three of five, including San Marcos


Austin Community College (ACC) was turned back by most voters Tuesday in its attempt to enlarge its district.

ACC lost annexation bids in San Marcos CISD, Bastrop ISD and McDade ISD, marking the first time ACC has ever lost an annexation election. ACC succeeded in its bids to annex Hays CISD and Elgin ISD.

Hampered by a tortured relationship with San Marcos CISD voters going back to an episode of petition fraud in 2006, ACC received support from only 45.08 percent of 10,138 San Marcos CISD voters. Through early voting, ACC was hanging in there with 48.2 percent of the vote.

“Well, of course I’m disappointed it didn’t pass, but my main goal was to get in on the ballot and for the voters to decide,” said Kim Porterfield, one of the co-chairs of San Marcos ACCess, the group promoting ACC annexation in San Marcos. “The voters have decided for San Marcos, and so I respect that. Hays will be getting a campus. It looks like Hays will have one there, so we’ll have a campus next door that will still benefit San Marcos, although our residents will have to pay the out-of-district tuition. But I think that’s a step in the right direction, I think.”

Hays CISD passed ACC annexation with support from 58.5 percent of 11,770 total votes. ACC annexation entered Election Day with a comfortable 60.3 percent of the early vote in Hays CISD.

ACC’s plan for Hays CISD includes a Kyle campus. Hays CISD property owners will be taxed an additional 9.51 cents per $100 of taxable value. In exchange, Hays CISD residents will be able to attend ACC at the in-district tuition rate of $42 per hour, rather than the out-of-district rate of $150 per hour.

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0 thoughts on “ACC loses three of five, including San Marcos

  1. I highly doubt that Mrs. Porterfield respects the community’s decision based on her last statement. Certain individuals want ACC here no matter what San Marcos residents want. ACC will be back on the ballot as soon as they can. Keep your yard signs, you’ll need them again soon enough.

  2. It really is a shame that the residents of San Marcos will not have access to the educational benefits and lower costs of a community college education. If Texas State is the only local educational opportunity, many residents will have to opt out of furthering their education. Something to be considered is that Texas State has become focused less on serving the educational needs of the population and more concerned with making money. TSU seems to have a middle child complex along with an identity crisis. ACC is still more affordable even with non-resident tuition.

  3. Well, it’s been a very interesting race, and the voters have spoken. I am a nontraditional student whose spouse became disabled and so I will be driving to ACC EVC to update my healthcare job skills. It’s great that SMHS students can take ACC classes while still in high school.

    For those of us in the San Marcos CISD who will still face the high tuition rates, might I suggest (at the risk of sounding mutinous) heading the other way down IH-35 toward the Alamo Community College District? There is a branch in New Braunfels called the Central Texas Technology Center (CTTC); they have vocational nursing, auto mechanics, welding, among other things. There is also a brand new facility at Northeast Lakeview Community College, just off 1604 at Kitty Hawk Road in Live Oak on the edge of San Antonio.

    Depending on where you live in San Marcos and which ACC campus you would need to attend to get your required courses (beyond what ACC offers in San Marcos currently), it might be worth considering. It would still be out-of-district (only Bexar County is in-district for the Alamo Community College System), but it may be cheaper. Compare the out-of-district costs for Austin Community College versus Northeast Lakeview College for six and twelve semester hours (only an estimate, from their websites):

    6 credit hours: ACC $996.00, NLC $770.00.
    12 credit hours: ACC $1992.00, NLC $1423.00.

    I wish everyone in San Marcos CISD the best of luck in their future education.


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