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October 1st, 2010
Nuse letter states intention to withdraw


Late Thursday, the day after an interview with the San Marcos City Council regarding the city manager position, Round Rock City Manager Jim Nuse dashed off a letter taking himself out of the running.

However, the council decided to hire Nuse Tuesday night and Nuse said he is ready to go to work.

San Marcos Local News has obtained Nuse’s letter to the council through an open records request. The link is posted below.

Download: Jim Nuse’s letter to the San Marcos City Council saying he would withdraw from consideration.

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22 thoughts on “Nuse letter states intention to withdraw

  1. “It is my understanding that you plan to deliberate for a week or so and then make an announcement on October 1. I appreciate your timetable, however I have other employment options I am exploring and do not want to delay your decision.” [Jim Nuse]

    Wow. At least he is a good negotiator…

  2. It will be interesting to hear what package was offered to Nuse and whether he accepts it and if so then when he would actually be able to start on the job.

  3. Anybody know why the City Council meeting going on right now is not on the TV government channel? Interesting to hear (at the 5pm meeting start) that the council did not need an Executive Session to discuss the City Manager vacancy after all today. What does that mean? We had to leave to attend our Neighborhood Night Out. And, rats, we wanted to record the City Council meeting, but the TV government channel is just a blank screen here at home (yes, we have full digital cable service, and all our other channels are working just fine!)

  4. 5-2. I called it last week. soo soo predictable. carma got what the wanted and so did us great citizens. Later

  5. I hear we have a new City Manager! Regarding the TV broadcast, Melissa told me the meeting was being broadcast on Time Warner Channel 10 and Grande Channel 16 and video-streamed online. So, I guess I need to figure out why “all of the sudden” our TWC 10 was blank screen, when all the other channels worked fine.

  6. Steve Harvey said: “I wonder if the Mayor and Council knew Nuse is not available until perhaps as late as March 2011 when they selected him as the finalist?”

    No, I think they knew he would be available December 6th. Good lord, give the council SOME credit. They are not a bunch of 5 year olds as you seem to think.

  7. Eric- “give them some credit…”
    Well, so far they haven’t shown good judgment (or business sense) in the whole process. Several facts: Short time for applications, poor distribution of getting the job post out, choosing little experienced headhunter for such big job, and probably icing on cake- choosing Nuse AFTER he pulled out of the running.
    *some* credit- maybe. It’d be nice to give them a lot though.

    I wish Nuse and San Marcos) well.

  8. It was on Grande’s channel 16, and I believe the problem was that it started so early. I watched it until I left for our Neighborhood Night Out, but I had also recorded it and finished watching it when I got home. Ted, you are right, it was the fastest meeting ever.

  9. Mayor u did a great job. I was impressed by you thru the whole process. Both u and carma showed professionalism. Thanks for all the hard wrk u have done for us in office. You’ll be missed

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