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September 20th, 2010
Wounded Warriors get hero's welcome at Mendez Elementary School


Mendez Elementary Schoool students welcomed the Wounded Warriors with a banner. (Photos by Iris Campbell)


The Wounded Warriors got a warm reception earlier this month when they made a scheduled stop at Irene K. Mendez Elementary School on their way to the “Leap Of Heroes” event at Skydive San Marcos.

As the entourage of two vans carrying the warriors and Travis and Hays County law enforcement motorcycles and police cars approached the school with their lights flashing, they were greeted by cheering and waving Mendez fourth and fifth graders. The campus was decked out with red, white and blue streamers, balloon bouquets, and U. S. flags. A trio of students held a banner welcoming the warriors.

A dozen veterans left the vans and sat in chairs near a speaker’s podium. Members of the Mendez student council welcomed them. Wounded Warrior Juna Arredondo of San Antonio spoke for the warriors. Other speeches were made and the Mendez Choir, directed by Kathy Turner, performed the song “I’m Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood.

The veterans were presented with handmade cards and posters of appreciation. The student choir sang once more as the students formed a line to give a “high five” to each of the vets.

According to Major Mark Sawa of the Travis County Sheriff’s Department the ceremony at Mendez exceeded all expectations.

The warriors then went on to Skydive San Marcos, where they participated in a tandem skydiving event and  celebratory barbecue.


Students waved flags as the entourage approached.


The Mendez Elementary School choir sang at the event.


Wounded Warrior Juna Arredondo spoke to the students.

091410highfiveThe warrios were given “high fives” by the students as they left.

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0 thoughts on “Wounded Warriors get hero's welcome at Mendez Elementary School

  1. Awesome.
    Our hats off to our soldiers!
    God bless them one and all.

    Thanks to our administrators for their support.

    A special thanks to Mendez music teacher, Kathy Turner.
    She practiced with the students many mornings and
    during class. The children love the USA and our soldiers.
    This was a wonderful, joyous, and positive event at our school.

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