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September 1st, 2010
Texas State announces northside end zone complex


Bobcat Stadium.


Texas State President Denise Trauth announced Wednesday that plans have begun for a $32 million northside end zone complex at Bobcat Stadium. Trauth made the announcement at the Bobcat Club luncheon held at the City of San Marcos Conference Center.

The complex would numerous emenities and about 13,500 seats, enough to bring the capacity of Bobcat Stadium to nearly 30,000. Also included in the project are a university book shop, ticket offices, a visitors lockerroom, storage and service support areas, concession stands, restrooms and a first aid room.

The expansion also will include a plaza area, which, the university said, may serve as a space for public gatherings and community events. The project also will add two elevators to the stadium, one to accommodate the Jerry D. and Linda Gregg Fields West Side Complex, and the other to accommodate fans.

Construction is scheduled to start after the 2011 football season. The university said a completion date is yet to be determined.

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0 thoughts on “Texas State announces northside end zone complex

  1. So while the academic portion of Texas State University is faced with a 5% budget cut (possibly increasing to 10%), the athletic portion is free to keep spending, spending, spending?

  2. I agree. I can’t wait until my money STOPS going to this school now. I have to sit in the Chemistry building without air conditioning a few times a year, but we see this as a higher priority? What happened to this place being about EDUCATION? It’s not about entertainment and profits- I’d rather be at a good school than a good football team (or any sports team for that matter). We can’t even fill the stadium we have, much less a bigger one. I’ve seen high school games draw more fans than some of our games- so why don’t we focus our money and efforts on something a little more prestigious, like the federal research grants that would make us an institution of higher learning.

  3. Honestly, I’m going to need you to quit your complaining. The fact of the matter is that the bulk of this project had already been funded. Furthermore, its completion is necessary for us to move up to FBS. I know you may not be a sports fan, but the move will result in an overall better university environment, will definitely help us attain more federal reserach dollars, and will bring more funding to the university overall which would provide monies to fix that AC in your chemistry class. If you’re so upset about athletics spending money, that was largely attained by private donations, I would encourage you to make your own private donations or join the student chapter of the alumni association, both of which im willing to bet you have not done. Get over it and move on. Football stadium construction willl and should continue!

  4. Wow bigger football stadiums attract federal research dollars, how will SWTSU dynomite those dollars away from Ohio State and UT withtheir monster stadiums?

  5. @ JayMan, who gives a rat’s ass about FBS? When did the point of a University’s existence turn to sports? Aren’t there professional organizations for sports? This should be a place of education, not entertainment, and the fact that most of this came from private donations is even worse- why donate to that cause and not donate to improve the education our students are receiving? Our priorities are all wrong here…

    We can’t even fill our stadium- why should we enlarge it if we can’t fill it?

  6. Look, the education is only as good as it’s students. Right now no one cares about this university. Why? Because we’re not popular at all. Even if we improve our facilities, prospective students will still go to UT or A&M because they are more well known, if not for superior academics. A small private school can overcome this but not a school with over 30,000 students. We need to attract more people by doing all of the above. FBS will attract more people as well as make us recognizable for faculty to come to the campus. Yes improving programs and buildings should be the number one priority, but getting us in the FBS will help this school compete with other schools in recruiting students into Texas State.

  7. Lets not forget that we’re talking about a socialist football team being funded through a socialist university. This is obviously a ploy by the Left to create a communist athletics department. We shall call it… Obama-ball.

  8. I propose that the Obama-ball champions play the Unicycle Football League champions at the end of the season. Good times for all!

  9. Matt Akins and Las Fontanas you guys are obviously some of the most uninformed people on earth. Take the time to research the Drive to FBS. We had a huge showing at U of H. Don’t you guys want to see Texas State with a big time athletics program that will get the school recognition????????

    You guys speak it like you are UT fans using the school for a diploma. Thank goodness the school is changing that image. In 15 years affiliated with the school, the school is doing what all of while I was there dreamed of and your complaining.

    Sorry to tell you but athletics is the front porch to a University.

  10. So a more lavish setting for GAMES will finally bring more students to enroll here? Whew! Thought they’d never come. And better State funding! Geez, and I thought that all depended on how many legislators a given school could field, the power of alumni, and the economic whims of a state that talks more about improving education than any other, yet continues to flounder and to encourage schools to be “more self-supporting,” via tuition increases, salary repression for the bulk of employees, and lesser/more astute use of tuition revenue bonds (instruments of debt that are funded through tuition payments–and which MAY be used to fund academic facilities, repair and rehab).

    Funding is done as a share of the State education budget, according to formula, with graduate enrollment being primary. The State notoriously lags in funding by the formulae, and TXST remains the most poorly-funded school of its exploding size in the state. No bonuses for under-filled stadiums or good practice facilities.

    Anybody know the actual number of TXST employees and contract employees who are part-time or seasonal (few “benefits,” relying on unemployment and other public services and “entitlements” during down-time), and how many qualify for food stamps, housing assistance, etc.? The numbers will open everybody’s eyes just a bit wider, methinks. They are rarely mentioned in promo materials, never shown in ads or pictures. Don’t think athletics will help. Ever.

    Anybody looked at the number of commuters? The number of part-timers? The number of working adults? They hurt both the formula funding and the active fan base.

    A friend in SA tells me UTSA is also going for “Big” Foosball, and the money and power over there believe they will beat TXST to the finish line. Their legislative delegation and the rest of the statewide UT contingent seem to agree as well. (To me that sounds like just a publicity stunt, not a threat.) They DO already have crowds, and access to big venues. And a built in fan base.

  11. Here Here Mayor Moore! The word that comes to mind is delusion for those that think Texas State football will EVER be more than it is now. Most college athletic programs get major $$$ support through alumni. The NCAA and the tax payers do not fund growth in athletics. The football program itself may fund some if they are a winning program. Most universities only see income through their football program which helps to fund all the other athletics on campus.
    Here are the numbers as I know them. I’m going by memory so these may be off.
    Texas State students that:
    Commute: 15,000 (most from Austin)
    Live on Campus: 6,000 (under 32 credit hours and no permanent address in the county)
    9,000 remaining students live in the area either at home or renting.
    You would have to ask the athletics dept. on the number of student tickets GIVEN AWAY but it’s incredibly small. We can’t even get students to come when it’s FREE. Shown from the numbers above, however, there aren’t that many students in town to even go. Support comes through alumni. I have yet to see the money necessary for the kind of growth/popularity to support a larger program at Texas State. The university wants to promote football because it can generate income. Look at the new “boxes” they are trying to sell to wealthy donors and sponsors. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great! Any way to generate interest, excitement and support can only help.

    A few years back when we were winning, the idea of getting into 1A ball was put out there. Stories were written about how great it would be to play with the big boys but the university was not generating those rumors. They knew it was impossible. The NCAA had already capped the number of 1A teams eligible. Not to mention the money the university has to put forward, meaning the Bobcat games would have to generate real money…Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars. We are not even in the same league…literally. So, Texas State’s Southland Conference may get stirred up just as the Big 12 is but Texas State will stay put as 1AA.

    Just realize that bigger stadiums and bigger crowds come by YOUR support of the program, not tax dollars. I love to go to Bobcat games and wish more people would. The $50,000 question is how do we get people excited to see a game? With so many other options available on a weekend, it’s tough to get people out to a game. With UT up the road, why wouldn’t you go see them play?

    I attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. (You can start verbal assaults now). I went to a few football games but never became a big “fan” until after after I graduated. The reason Nebraska fans are so dedicated and give SO MUCH money to the university is because that’s all we have. No professional teams, no other colleges…Texas State is up against dozens of other colleges asking alumni for money, many pro teams getting an avid fan base. It’s a small pool of $$$ left over. A side note, the students had to pay to see Nebraska play.

    Although I’m not an alumni, Texas State is MY home town team. I love to go to the games and I love to support the BOBCATS. We will always have a fan base at Texas State but will it ever be large enough? Facilities will always need updating and attention, no matter how big the crowds get. The new end zone project will hopefully generate money from facilities rental if not from more ticket sales.

    By the way, the university raised ticket prices last year and the “die hards” like myself paid up but I couldn’t understand why if they can’t sell out a game are they raising ticket prices?

  12. @William- do I want to see it with a big time athletics program?


    I’d rather see it with a decent (then hopefully decent) research budget. We have some potentially awesome programs here at Texas State. Our Geography and Education programs are great. We have a brand new HIM program that can lead the way for electronic healthcare processing. We have Chem/BioChem/Bio professors who have brilliant ideas with no funding (our the equipment we need). What we need is to take care of our students and profs AND employees so they don’t leave our town.

    That’s what will get us recognized.

    I don’t care about ESPN/FSN recognition, that’s all smoke up our butts. What will really get this place off the ground is EDUCATION. No one can make the world better through football, but we all could make it better by being a little more intelligent AND respectful of others opinions.

    I respect the proponent’s opinions here- but I disagree. I won’t call you unintelligent for it (William), but I will have an educated argument. I’m not afan of UT or A&M, or any place for that matter, except Texas State, and that’s why I want the best for it.

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